Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Tuesday Poetics and HA has asked that our
poem this week be about portals. 
Submitted to dVerse
May 19. 2020

Presidents and garbagemen, priests and whores
Children and old people all passing through doors
Lives lived in chapters, choices untold
Portal by portal our lives unfold
The boat we’re sailing in the river of time
Speeds through the shallows, stops on a dime
We’re the sum of our choices, fate is our friend
 We’ll know how we did when we reach journey’s end
Image my own digital art.


  1. I like your caveat at the end. Wonderful digital art! So pretty and creative.

  2. I love this line: We’re the sum of our choices.

    Hopefully we have done well by journey's end.

  3. A wonderful poem and your art piece is perfect!

  4. "Portal by portal our lives unfold": That is exactly how it is. Well penned! That digital art is so so good. :-)

  5. I like the rhyming very much and the poem is so deep and meaningful!

  6. I bet all those doors and portals could tell great stories, Bev. I like the mythological reference to the river of time.

  7. Nice last line when we will understand what our choices sum up to.

  8. Well done, Bev...which is what we hope to hear in the end!

  9. Portal by portal, yes. And the final line is a great summation.
    I really like your art, too!

  10. I've often thought of life as a river. Now I'm imagining portals along the way, gateways to new experiences.

  11. this reminds me beautifully of "TotenTanz" (death of Dance) stained glass windows, we are all equalized.

  12. I think the end will be mostly the same.