Monday, May 25, 2020


Haibun Monday, and Kim has presented a visual prompt .. “Broadway Boogie Woogie” by Piet Mondrian.  We’re asked to study the image and write how it makes us feel.  I have been painfully honest with my impression.  Perhaps I’ve opened myself to psychoanalysis! At any rate, here it is, with my apologies to Mr. Mondrian!
Submitted to dVerse
May 25, 2020

I am a pragmatic soul and when it comes to abstract art and/or fantasy, I seem to find myself out in left field somewhere. The piece makes me feel claustrophobic, much as when I find myself in a crowd, I feel I can’t breathe freely until I get to the edge and space.  “Broadway Boogie Woogie” just disturbs me.  It seems to be a maze, and the primary colors lead me to believe the artist works within rigid parameters.  Were I not given the title, it would not lead my thoughts to Broadway … or any city, for that matter.  It evokes sympathy for the artist, thinking perhaps he felt boxed in with no clear path to the outside.  No small wonder, since his arsenal of tools seems limited.  Mondrian seemed to have progressed from Dutch traditional to cubism and hence to abstract art, an interesting journey.

any way I turn
anger red and sunshine hot
an endless summer


  1. Would you like to lie on the couch while I comment, Bev? I’m so glad you were painfully honest with your impression. I also see a maze and rigid parameters, which is perhaps how Mondrian felt about art or the situation in Europe at the time. I love the way the image comes through in the haiku.

  2. I love it! You laid Mondrain right out on Kim's Couch!! I am sure you did not get as much for your psychoanalysis as he did for the painting!
    Cities can leave your red hot in the summer heat~ Well done.

  3. luv your very candid impression, a lovely haibun. While reading I kind of wondered in which haiku direction you would take me. Nice.

    happy Monday


  4. Perhaps he did feel boxed in with no way to get out.

  5. I like your interpretation and impressions of it, Beverly. It seems more generic instructional than artistic to me.

  6. Actually this picture was considered a revolutionary turn in his own art. No one was doing anything like this at the time.

    Really like your haiku- it reflected your prose piece perfectly

  7. Your words really re-created that claustrophobic feeling the painting gives you. It's made me look at it with fresh eyes, not easy to do with a familiar image. (K)

  8. I love your take on the art Bev! I always appreciate someone else's view on a piece as I'm sure the artist would too. 🙂💕

  9. I find it very interesting to hear your impression as it seems opposite mine. I love to see how people "see" the same drawing or picture in such different ways. To me I saw being a kid...

  10. I enjoyed reading your reflection on the artwork and how the artist may have experienced it. It makes me wonder about all of the eyes that have looked at this piece and the many stories that came from the viewing. I really liked your haiku at the end.

  11. An interesting take, Bev. I can appreciate your perspective of a rigid, boxed-in, too hot feeling from the artwork.

  12. Ah! Such a raw take on the photo. Now I see how it relates to cubism and yes, claustrophobia. The haiku sums up the feelings so well.

  13. Wonderful haiku at the end. You packed a lot of power into so few words.
    I'll admit it's not a painting I myself would enjoy having on the wall. I love a landscape, or traditional portrait. I've been quite taken with Artemisia recently, however I think my husband might object if I hung a print of one of her paintings in our house.

    1. All her women look so unhappy. I might like "The Theater of Revenge" however!

  14. What an excellent interpretation Beverly.

  15. I almost thought the opposite... more like a decorator or something... but the title made me see the city and the subway...

  16. "and the primary colors lead me to believe the artist works within rigid parameters." What an interesting insight this is! Well said.
    I especially like your haiku "anger red and sunshine hot"

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