Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Weekly Scribblings leads us to
poetry and art of Christina Georgina
Rossetti and her brother Dante Gabriel
Rossetti.  We’re to be inspired by either
the poetry or the art.  I chose “The Harp”
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
May 20, 2020

Pluck the strings of lessons learned
Sip from the pool of sorrow
Know what it is to have loved and lost
And still believe in tomorrow
Let the harp song fill the air
Soothing troubled brow
Its dulcet tones a bridge in time
Traversing from then to now


  1. This is a lovely poem, I can hear and feel the harp song.

  2. Absolutely lovely Bev. Happy Wednesday


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  4. This might have been my song and your artist's painting for about six months after my first marriage's end. Beautifully written.
    p.s. I did not post my painting as I thought my juvenile readers, family and others, might not be ready for all this, it was the one of the lady holding an apple, one breast revealed.

  5. That first line is just brilliant, Bev! I love the imagery and the wisdom of the statement.

  6. This is absolutely exquisite!🥰 I love the image; "Let the harp song fill the air soothing troubled brow." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💘

  7. Oh, beautiful! A perfect accompaniment to the picture.

  8. Women didn't have much going for them in the Victorian age when all but a few were subserviant to man. No wonder women looked and were depicted as sad!

  9. Hope shining through your words - balmy and full of encouragement.

  10. So sorry it took me a while to get round to reading your poem, Bev, although I did read your comment about choosing the same image. I love your interpretation, especially the lines:
    ‘Pluck the strings of lessons learned
    Sip from the pool of sorrow’
    ‘Its dulcet tones a bridge in time
    Traversing from then to now’.
    The last line is so true, art speaks to us across the years. Paintings are portals into other worlds.

  11. Sip from the pool of sorrow, but don't gulp from it! :)

  12. To "still believe in tomorrow." Even in sorrow there is hope. (I am now humming Elton John's Sad Songs Say so Much.)

  13. Oh that first it....Oh tomorrow rise and change us to be more humane

  14. this was so lovely! i admire the art so greatly. your poem enhances it much too. great write!