Sunday, May 10, 2020


Writers' Pantry #19, Birthing Hope
I so like our topic of birthing hope.
Often in these troubled times, our poems
are filled with the angst we're experiencing.
It's pervasive.  We do so need an infusion
of hope!  My last poem was about a sip
of hope, so here I'm counting blessings.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
May 10, 2020

I’ve just watched the news, and now have the blues
Dear Lord is there no good news anywhere
It’s a day to honor mothers, still looking after others
By not venturing out with faces bare

But, Lord I see the grass is green, I love the flowering trees I’ve seen
And the birds are still finding cause to sing
Things are coming up in the garden plot, petunias are blooming in the old clay pot
In spite of it all, here comes Spring!

It’s so easy to get caught up in detritus, not being thankful as each day greets us
So often we don’t take time to just be. 
I’m grateful, Lord, for each new day, sorry I don’t always take time to say
How good this old world has been to me


  1. "I’m grateful, Lord, for each new day, sorry I don’t always take time to say"



  2. This is beautiful! I agree, we often forget to count our blessings and don't take time to "just be." There is a lot of wisdom in your words which I am taking with me. Thanks Beverly!💘

  3. Glad you posted this, Beverly. I have instant news on my smartphone, some is bad, some is bizarre, a little is good.
    Thanks for the spelling heads up. I remember letting the google nit wit use a spelling fix and I didn't look twice. He messed up again, I should be checking better.
    Stay Safe. We had a police helicopter shot down here (Houston) and at the funeral service, broadcast on TV, the minister said that God knows the whole puzzle, there are tings we do not need to know and should not know, here why the good, this young pilot, die young. He cited Deuteronomy 29:29.

  4. I get by with a little help from my friends, the birds!

  5. I am sure that after the virus is finally eliminated we will see how wonderful it is to be alive.

  6. I think you're absolutely right- need to be grateful for the privileges we take for granted,especially in times like these.

  7. Great uplifting words. The best solution to lockdown is a regular dose of optimism.

  8. I switched off the news and watched a Scandi drama yesterday evening. I had to escape the blues. I like the hopefulness and optimism in the second stanza, Bev, it’s cheered me up this morning. I love the petunias blooming in the old clay pot!

  9. It is good, healthy, and beyond important to notice and appreciate our blessings... especially when the world is screaming. So, I'm right there with you.

  10. Your poems are always fun to read. love the imagery and the tone. thanks Bev.

    - Hamokine Poet

  11. Beautiful You have achieved your mission; Very uplifting :)

  12. Yes, we tend to forget that life itself is the gift, regardless of its length or circumstances.

  13. "And the birds are still finding cause to sing" We finally have bluebirds nesting in our birdhouses. They do find cause to sing, cheers!