Saturday, October 16, 2021




If you drive at night on Cemetery Road
Especially if you’re driving slow
They say she’ll be sitting on the bench
Captured in the pale moon glow

Mother sent her to wait for the bus
Or so the story goes
The fact is she never arrived
What happened no one knows

Her fate is wrapped in mystery
Her mother’s grief is endless
People say you’ll see her there
On nights dark and windless

Dressed in schoolday best,
A red bow in her hair
They searched for her all around for days
But found no sign of her anywhere

Years have passed since that fateful day
And still the story is told
People say they see her still
On the bench on Cemetery Road


  1. Replies
    1. Well, Mary was hitchin' a ride, this one was waiting on a bench! Then, of course, there's Reservation Road (the movie) and Resurrectioin Road....and don't you just love 'em?! She just looked like she was waitin' for a bus to me....

  2. I love how you added it is wrapped in mystery. Nice touch to a hauntingly beautiful poem Bev. As always your rhyme is wonderful!!

  3. I love the tae you told here, in such excellent rhythm and rhyme........I am related to Irish folk who have seen spirits, so I really resonated with this.

  4. Nice how you made the image your own and resonated with such a chilling write.
    Good Sunday


  5. Well, Cemetery Road seems an appropriate place to see her! The red bow makes her particularly creepy.

  6. Glorious! A perfect song for October, ending with a shiver. :)

  7. Love the red bow in the picture, LOL! Spooky poem for spooky October!

  8. How wonderful! Creepy, and yet with that red bow, not too much so! Cemetery Road... great title.

  9. Just right for me, Beverly. A lot of mothers and fathers never will know, "never arrived (and) what happened no one knows." We have a young man who disappeared like this coming home from college, his car was found slightly wrecked but never him. People are still looking. Not a legend yet though.

    1. Like your rhyme too, this one got hard some places I'm sure.

  10. The chill factor is high on this, especially with you putting the red bow on that terrifying figure. Poor little girl is a ghoul now :(

  11. Dark, delightful storytelling through poetry