Sunday, October 3, 2021


Writer's Pantry #90   Methinks my interpretation of Miss Rosemary's Weekly Scribbling challenge for realism fell short, so here's another effort at realism.  The photo is of a street in our community, the description is of a daytime view from my window.


                                            The late summer sky is a cloudless cobalt.

                                            A new home is being built across the street,

                                            and today the roofers are busy. They walk

                                            effortlessly on the steep pitch of the roof as

                                            they go about their work. At noon, they

                                            stop and sit on the cement slab that will be

                                            the front porch, and share their sack lunches

                                            and  daily gossip, no doubt, grateful their

                                            outside work relieves them of the necessity 

                                            of wearing masks.  Activity is interspersed    

                                            by the daily parade of dog-walkers, who

                                            amuse me daily by their endless array of 

                                            four-legged companions.  Soon the house

                                            will be complete, new neighbors moved  in,

                                            and life will go on comfortably in our

                                            over-55 community. 



  1. Beautiful sky, and I like the image of the dogs going by.

  2. Beautiful writing.
    This is a slice of life that may be repeated somewhere else in this world, but you are the one who writes about it, and writes it so well.

  3. I'm looking out your poet's window. I feel encouraged by the life there.

  4. I can practically see the smile on your face as you watch life happening outside your window. It's like being there with you, wondering what the new gossip is about and enjoying the sight of pretty dogs. A soothing read.

  5. Luv the slow pace of a little bit of newness in your community

    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  6. That is definitely realism as far as I am concerned.

  7. Well, you did a marvellous job of it this time!!! (And were far from alone in not quite getting the hang of it first time around. I think it is quite a foreign approach for most of us.) Thanks so much for having another go and creating such a brilliant piece of observation – on more than one level.

  8. I love this view from your window. How the mundane, every-day can become interesting. I wasn't sure what to do with the challenge for realism but now I see what is meant.

  9. You've captured an ordinary day, people going about their business, so beautifully. Your neighbourhood, set against the backdrop of that gorgeous sky, looks lovely and tranquil.

  10. Peaceful, serene, quiet, restful. You describe a neighborhood where I wouldn't mind living. That is, of course, if you'd have me as a neighbor. ;)

  11. This is a real depiction of what you see in a snapshot view from your window .. as lovely as the sky colors you captured. I could live there.