Saturday, October 30, 2021


 The Sunday Muse #184   Of course the song "The Old Lamplighter" came immediately to mind.  I tried to add the You Tube link, but was unsuccessful for some obscure reason.  The image put me in quite a melancholic mood.

The year was 1946, and the mellow tones

of Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye sang of “The

old lamplighter of long, long ago“..

They’re gone now, Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby,

the scandalous bikini went on sale in Paris that year

and Tupperware was introduced to the market.

Rosie the Riveter was giving up her factory job

The war had ended and “the boys” were coming home

Now the Old Lamplighter is even longer ago.

We need someone to carry the light, to show

us an end to divisiveness and racism 

and this infernal pandemic, someone

to restore pride in the red, white and blue,

faith in our national leaders, and respect for 

our neighbors no matter their color or race.  

Come back, Old Lamplighter, WE NEED YOU!


  1. Those were the good ole' days for sure! I so miss Danny Kaye! A lovely write for the image Bev. Wishing you a lovely weekend as well.

  2. Yes, we need all of this, and someone to inspire hope and make change more than anything!

  3. So much, this! Inspiration is thin on the ground over the blathering of the fearful and uninspired. And the first part of this takes me right back to childhood and half-watching old movies and daydreaming about actual snowy Christmases (before I understand about non-weatherized grids and such).

  4. Yes indeed, a brightness needed to chase away the dark.

  5. The year was 1946, I was five. Those oldies but goodies still stuck in my psyche ... all good. This is a fine write.

  6. Such a beautifully worded poem. Loved all the memories evoked, Beverly, and especially the heartfelt hope for the light of peace to lead us out of the societal darkness we've fallen into. I echo it with all my heart.

  7. You're right, Beverly, we need a beacon to light the way.

  8. Going to Hell in as hand basket? Likely as a whole.

  9. We certainly need a light that we can all believe in...

  10. How wonderful it would be to have leaders that are just, honest, excellent models for us. Your words yearn for a cures of the maladies that haunt us. Well done.

  11. Yes indeed, we do need a light to follow! If only we could learn from our past.