Thursday, October 28, 2021


OPEN LINK #303   When we post the poem of our choice.  I’m a hopeless wordaholic, and I love to examine words. I’ve indulged in that today, and taken a crack at the word crack!  Submitted to dVerse, October 28, 2021


I engage in word forensics

Exploring the many uses of a word

It’s often the way I go to sleep 

(I got bored with counting sheep)

Let’s examine the common word crack

According to Webster a split in two parts

But what of the loud crack in the night

Someone trying to be a crack shot?

Consider the foiled attempt

That’s not what it’s cracked up to be

Some bloke free-basing crack cocaine

Or the fellow who tries to lighten the mood

Who’s sure to crack a joke

Or the quiet guy, man of few words

Who surprises us with a wisecrack

Crack the eggs and scramble them

I’m hungry….It must be the crack of dawn

And I do believe I’m getting sleepy ….Zzzz


  1. very clever bev! i so evjoy reading your poems, so glad you shared this with us

  2. Fun play with the word, crack. Time to me to sleep too. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. It's no wonder the English language is one of the toughest. I love this!

  4. Proof positive you will remain a crackerjack ..... forever.

  5. I love word etymologies myself -- 'crack' has a nice long historical use in language. Thanks for sharing.
    ~peace, Jason

  6. I love to play with words too. This made me smile. Now I know what to do the next time I have insomnia!

  7. Haven't explored the play for a while. This is inspiring.

  8. There are so many meetings once you crack into them...:-)

  9. What clever punnage you weave, Beverley! I do believe you've cracked the code (to finally catching some zzzz's, I mean!)

    Wishing you well <3