Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Tuesday Poetics, and we're asked to write " a poem speaking to a human attribute that is particularly irritating to you — and it must have a Halloween or Samhain theme to it"  A duodora form was offered, but I respectfully decline and fall back on my rhyme.  



doomsayers, naysayers
prophets of doom
sure to be noticed
when they enter a room
a party in progress
and everyone glad
until they come along
with their bucket of sad
no small wonder
they’ve dressed like a witch
even sans their mask
you can’t tell which is witch
it must be depressing
to live in their head
and carry their inevitable
backpack of dread
call me goody two-shoes
and incredibly naΓ―ve
if they come to the party
I’ll just have to leave.


  1. Beverly, as I read through your poem a funny image that would make a great Halloween costume popped into my head: half Eeyore and half Rodney Dangerfield. Another is that little girl from The Addams Family (Tuesday? Wednesday? forgot her name.) Nice flow to your wonderful response to today's challenge!

  2. Pow, biff, boom — right to the gut Bev. Strong and excellently written. I’m a doomster and a dreamer. It’s how I stay balanced — angry and happy… πŸ™‚✌🏼

  3. You got this one right Beverly. Negative people can be real downers.

  4. There is enough free floating negativity in this world without some idiots adding to the vibe. Clever and clean your poem is, tidy and tart too.

  5. Those doom merchants are sure depressing to be around. I am sure to leave too.

  6. I love the phrase "bucket of sad."

  7. Haha, well said, Beverly! I know plenty of these people, and I try to not let them bring me down :-)

  8. I love this Bev. Beautifully rhymed and straight to the point! ☺️

  9. Eeyore said it well, your poem illustrates it perfectly ... 'I was so upset, I forgot to be happy.'

  10. Some people will never be happy--and you've captured the way they pollute the world.

  11. This is incredibly potent. Yes, there are some who never seem to become positive no matter how much we try. πŸ’πŸ’

  12. I like the phrases "bucket of sad" and "backpack of dread."

  13. 😊"even san their mask"


  14. great verse and sentiments expressed - the rhyme just adds to the wish to escape from the naysayers .... well done and as others noted, some lovely word phrases!

  15. LOVE the rhyming and the message here. And boy am I with you on this. Nothing like a doomsayer to dampen the spirits of anyone nearby. They also make me think of the "yes but" people. People who have a problem and ask you to help them solve it and every solution you think of, they say, "Yes but....." and give reasons why it won't work. They never provide solutions....they are naysayers and doomsayers as well!

  16. You have great rhythm Bev, and I love the 'bucket of sad'!