Sunday, October 10, 2021


 Writers' Pantry @91 where we "let our imagination run wild".  I'm having a flashback.  I saw his name in the obituraries, the man with laughing eyes.  I hope he found what he was seeking.  He left an indelible  smudge on my outlook on life.  So, here's a poem for him.


I once knew a man with laughing eyes

who caused my heart to dance

who made me believe in love again

and, trusting, I took a chance.

I loved the man with laughing eyes

and oh, love was so sweet

I believed no challenge could be so great

that together we could not meet.

Sometimes we loved by firelight,

sometimes we loved by day

....then one day the man with laughing eyes

seemed to have gone away.

I said to the man with laughing eyes

"You seem to have built a wall.

I've tried to scale it but I cannot,

it's really much too tall".

And so went the man with laughing eyes

away from my life for good.

I guess I knew it could never last,

but, oh, how I wished it would.

For a moment we had it, my laughing eyes

but alas it was just for a day

and quickly as snowflakes disappear

our bright tomorrows slipped away.


  1. A both poignant and beautiful poem, Bev.

  2. With age and wisdom, we learn that some things weren't meant to last long, but it can be so difficult tounderstand when we are young.

  3. A bittersweet tale of what could have been. It's always a delight to read your rhyming verses.

  4. How beautiful, if sad. I have seen a few of those "laughing eyes," and they just draw one in.

  5. I dislike knowing you were ever so sad ... my 'laughing eyes' guy's were blue.

  6. Beautifully bittersweet. I love that through the loss, we can still see the sparkly in his laughing eyes... and the bright response said eyes provoke.

  7. This would work really well as a song lyric. Very nice.

  8. Solid work, Beverly. Sometimes things just, um, end.

  9. Gorgeous poem, sad and sweet to honour what was. What a moment that must have been, to see that obituary!