Saturday, October 23, 2021


 The Sunday Muse #183


“Ponder the image and the meaning of life

Link, share and visit others”

Keep it in mind as you walk down the street

All are your sisters and brothers

Remind yourself you’re no better than they

Each their own challenges to meet

Some dealing with victory, some with grief

But all walking  the same cobbled street

Practice kindness, humility and a ready smile

They’ll remember it well if you ask

One day they’ll truly appreciate the smile

When it’s not behind a mask! 



  1. Beautifully spoken my friend, and a truth we all need to be reminded of. Ironically I did the opposite take, but it is really just being silly and no more. Have a great weekend Bev!

  2. All walking the same streets, we are indeed. A lovely reminder, Bev.

  3. Practice kindness in spite of the mask you desire to wear? Love the way you situate the image and reminders. :)

  4. Love these sentiments. Well said Bev.

  5. OMG so inspirational!!!
    Happy Sunday


  6. Each of us walks our own paths. We're blessed to find kindness along the way. So true.

  7. "When it’s not behind a mask!" - great play on that image. Yes and yes.

  8. Lots of good advice, Bev. That street is pretty crowded too!! That is why I sometimes take the back roads, i.e. write 'dark' piece, or worse yet. There I like to hide, sometimes I tell that I am running away 'this year', I've done that for a lot of birthdays, this one coming Saturday too. There won't be so very many more, although my father lived to be 97. He lived a cleaner life that I have. But I have gone to some very exotic places, Mrs. Jim and sometimes a kid or grandkid comes along. (I've been to all 50 states and 74 counties not counting territories such as Puerta Rico, the Yukon, or the likes.)
    Also I have learned early on that for many I'm "no better than they."