Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Dancer's Tale

At dVerse Poetics, we're challenged to
write a poem to save lives.  I've written
about a young lady who solved her
career crisis.
Submitted to dVerse Poetics
June 6, 2017


Once upon a time
In a city far away
There lived a comely lass
Who worked hard for her pay

Sadie was a dancer
Some frowned on her profession
And said that it was shameful
And she’d pay for her transgression

But Sadie turned a deaf ear
To the church ladies’ hue and cry
Each time she danced the night away
She put most of her money by

Sadie had a dream, you see
That in a year to come
The money she’d been putting by
Would be a tidy sum

The years went by and still she danced
And so her fortune grew
She knew one day her time would come
And she’d know just what to do

Just as she planned, the day arrived
Her dream came to fruition
I guess you could say what came next
Was a sort of divine retribution

The owner put the club for sale
And, smiling, Sadie bought it
And step by step her dream came true
Exactly as she’d sought it

She immediately proceeded
With an ambitious renovation
The place became a posh ladies’ club
And something of a local sensation

It catered to wealthy women
Of elegance and class
It promised them their boredom
Would be a thing of the past.

For the healthy price of admission
They could watch some young men dance
And fill their heads with fantasies
Of a secret forbidden romance.

Sadie?  She became very rich
A pillar of the community
Hobnobbing with high society
And conducting herself with impunity

But she never forgot from whence she came
Before she achieved her goal
She remembered all those shameful nights
When she’d danced around the pole

And the moral of this story is
If you’re frugal and also wise
You can soar above the ashes
And, like a phoenix, rise

So here’s to the Sadies of the world
With an eye on the straight and narrow
For those with pureness of their soul
His eye is on the sparrow. *

* A line from an old gospel hymn
of the same name.


  1. I do love a 'Once upon a time', Bev, especially when it's about a dream coming true for a hardworking woman doing her thing!

  2. And maybe among the men dancing in that club there is a young man who will walk her way up and buy the club from Sadie so she can retire in wealth.

  3. Home run! If I could, I'd stuff $100 in Sadie's g-string! Seriously, great verse!

  4. Good advice for the theme of career crisis.

  5. What a super, uplifting tale. Sadie (and Bev), you go, Girl!

  6. WONDERFUL. Rhyme serves you so well here.

  7. The ending gave me chills. This is an awesome story.

    You really had me smiling through the middle:

    "The place became a posh ladies’ club
    And something of a local sensation

    It catered to wealthy women
    Of elegance and class
    It promised them their boredom
    Would be a thing of the past."

  8. A fantasy for sure, but a bright metaphor for the unhappy many who labor at something less than joyful, clear-eyed & resolute, saving toward a brighter future; nice.

  9. Fun story! Actually what a great short story this would make! You go on and get it, Sadie!

  10. What a breathtaking piece, well done. Warm greetings!

  11. Very entertaining and well composed tale. (with a valuable message to boot)

  12. Love the narrative. Frugality has its dividends.

  13. Thank you, you put a smile on my face! Lovely work!

  14. Sadie deserved every moment of her happiness. Good on her!

  15. Lovely rhythym in this poem - danceresque!

  16. So fun to read. A great movie this would make.

  17. A very fun "once upon a time" poem! Here's to the Sadies of the world, sliding on poles late at night. May their dreams come true!

  18. Interesting story...wonderfully told!