Thursday, June 29, 2017


Submitted to dVerse Poetics
June 28, 2017

I salute you, my hero in blue.
You carry me where I wish to go.
We enjoy our solitude, you and I.
and yet our togetherness brings us joy.
Together we savor country lanes,
visits to deserted cemeteries, quaint
villages and shops filled with ephemera.
Our camaraderie improves with the years
We both ripen with age, like fine wine.
If I have not remembered to tell you,
I tell you now,----your faithfulness enriches me.
Of them all, you are my stouthearted favorite
my own dependable, reliable Buick LeSabre. *

*  For those not from the U.S., the Buick
LeSabre is my automobile, which I've
had since 2001 !


  1. That was a nice love poem to your car.

  2. Thanks to Frank I know what you are talking about. Loved the irony!

  3. Nice. I can picture you driving here and there, jaunty at the wheel.

  4. And I was thinking of "the blues", like the potent nostalgia that goes along with the joy of hunting, if not finding, antiques and what nots. ;)

  5. Oh Bev....the gig was up at the first line for me....I was thinking....'car?' LOL! And I'm there with you...I have a 96 Jeep, falling apart, with headliner drooping, and transmission that clunks in reverse, and an oil gauge that is iffy, a brown door badly spray painted on a green car....and I love it. It is like a tank to me, and with 4 dogs, bales of hay and straw, cat food, dog food, chicken food, etc...I would shame a newer car. I have to dump at least 3-4 thousand dollars in it to keep it on the road, but so be it. I loved your poem. Went straight to my heart!

    1. What fun! Isn't it amazing how attached we get to our cars?!

  6. Wonderful poem full of imagery and story. I love cemeteries, and shops with ephemera.
    We've had "Greenie" -- a Honda Civic since 2001, and she has taken us many expected and unexpected places. I understand the bond.

  7. I realize that 2001... I thought that was yesterday... but then my car is a lot younger (6 years old)... and French. But a car can become so important to us.

  8. Fun. I envisioned a policeman at first. Then maybe a bluebird. And you did surprise me. I got a new car in January and scratched it today backing out of my garage. I'm sick about it. It's not bad but...:0<

  9. Ah! I love that it turned out to be a car. You are making me nostalgic, I miss my '99 Civic!

  10. If I have not remembered to tell you,
    I tell you now,----your faithfulness enriches me

    Some cars have a way of being so 'friendly' through the years. Perhaps it is the way we treat them with care!


  11. Oh that's so lovely...those who enjoy rides...especially long rides just love their companion!

  12. I am attached to our family car as well ~ Such a faithful companion, smiles ~

  13. I enjoyed the unsuspecting excitement right from the start as though playing I spy with my little eyes. Then, after unwrapping the mystery one line at a time ... voila! Ms Beverly’s faithful steed! How fun.

  14. This was great. An ode to a Le Sabre. My mother's last car was one of these. I love the tenderness - sometimes our cars almost feel like soul mates, don't they. Well done!

  15. This is a delightful memory. Thank you for bringing it alive.

  16. A good car will get you where you need to go. Better when it's an American one. Good job.