Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Submitted to Poets United Midweek
Motif, where the theme is "Oceans"
June 7, 2017

Azure waters and gentle tides
Peaceful lapping on the shore
Hidden deep beneath your waters
Lie civilizations that came before
Wrapped in coral, kelp and seaweed
Silent mysteries of the deep
Lost in wonder, man explores
Delving secrets that they keep.

And deep within the ocean bosom
Lie the hulks of sunken ships
Ancient fortunes, dreams and dreamers
Now no more than radar blips.
Men forever seek the fortunes
That lie beneath, or so they’re told
Pirate ships and Spanish galleons
Filled with artifacts and gold.

Such a multitude of mysteries
Lie upon the ocean floor
Hidden beneath those azure waters
And peaceful lapping on the shore.


  1. It feels fascinating to think about the mysteries lying upon the ocean floor. Wonderful poem. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Luv your mysterious gaze upon the ocean

    Have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  3. Oh, yes, one can dream of treasure while gazing at the ocean and be in this tranquil atmosphere you invoke. Actually going after the treasure might be a completely different story!

  4. There's such a lovely lilt to this poem, almost as if the susurrating sea itself were singing the song!

  5. This is beautiful. The ocean's mysteries are a marvel. Love the rhythm and rhyme of your poem very much.

  6. I agree, the ocean holds a wealth of treasure in her calm blue knowing,


  7. Live the gentle rhythm of this one...

  8. What a wonderful world you've painted Bev with wavy rhythm!

  9. How beautiful this poem reads Bev, I really enjoyed it.

  10. I love the rhyming scheme - a real treat to read

  11. You perfectly capture the mystery hiding in the depths of the ocean. Well-penned.

  12. So much resides within the ocean, doesn't it? We would never imagine all that lies beneath the surface. Your poem portrays this so very well.

  13. Oh, the treasures that lie beneath! We can only imagine. Well-captured.

  14. Yes, the ocean floor holds treasure trove of rare things and much about them still remains a mystery.. Beautifully penned.

  15. Indeed, full of mystery! Great photo you picked to illustrate it, too.