Wednesday, June 21, 2017


In honor of the International Day of Yoga, we’re
asked to consider yoga in our Wednesday writing.
I’m sharing my shortcomings (sigh)!
Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif
June 21, 2017

“Picture a hammock between two trees“,  the
hypnotist said.  The office was quiet, the
reclining chair was comfortable, the clock was
softly ticking, and I …I was wondering what
I’d fix for dinner.  Onward he soldiered, determined
to get me in touch with my inner self. I felt myself
sinking into deep relaxation … then my brain kicked in.
Was this hypnosis?  How was I supposed to react?
I wondered if he hypnotized his wife, ….and I
wondered what I’d fix for dinner.

Having failed hypnosis, I considered yoga, with similar
result. My work involved a good bit of auto travel.  I
never played the radio, but considered my travel to be
“think tank time”, and let my mind wander in many
directions as I motored in silence.  It was during this
time I wrote a lot of poetry, and drew a lot of conclusions
about life in general.  In retrospect, I think I engaged in
automobile yoga!  At any rate, I find myself ill prepared
to write a poem about yoga.  Were I to attempt the lotus
position at this point in my life, it would take two strong
men and a derrick to get me unbent and upright.  I look
forward to reading of the yoga experiences of my
fellow poets, however.



  1. LOL. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. I restrained myself from writing similarly, about how it would take the Jaws of Life were I to attempt to bend my legs with their no-knees, into such positions. LOL. I agree, driving time is good thinking time......I had to stop playing relaxing tapes when driving though. Found myself getting so peaceful, the car and I were in danger of lift-off. And not in a good way. I enjoyed this more than I can say - your poem, not the danger of lift-off.

  2. 😂 LOL

    wishing you a good Wednesday

    Much love...

  3. What a beautiful read and many years ago driving long distances I agree that they were great times to relax and consider the world and myself.

  4. Really like your honesty and humor. My accidental yoga pose, is the only one I do. Anything else would result in a very similar outcome to your own. I quit driving and sold my vehicle almost four years ago. And I miss it with an ache that's as real as back pain. But, I have a younger sister, who lives across town, and can be easily coaxed into a day's road trip, satisfying for both of us, for similar reasons to your own. Thanks for the visit,


  5. haha - automobile yoga, I do think you exercised your mind, I do some of my best thinking while driving.

  6. Ha ha. You are right. The 'automobile yoga' did that 'connect' to your inner world. Such an enjoyable read :)

  7. I just discovered the chair yoga, myself. Back in the day, I took tai chi instead because sitting still meant thinking.

  8. Yes, there was a time....but I just can't seem to get it back...but your travel time, was so good for thinking.

  9. LOL! You cracked me up with this one, Beverly. :D

  10. i just love this, bev. automobile yoga! i need to try this. :)

  11. One thing I enjoy is honest writing, and this definitely fills the bill. I am a yoga dropout too really. I don't like putting my body into various forms, and I am not able to get much out of breathing out and in. I am sure I am missing something, probably need to give it a more serious try. I think it will have to wait for the next life though. Smiles!

  12. Just chuckling, that is all. I do think that I am being spoken to - I love youa and really have no good excuse for not doing it.

  13. Oh my - I just read your about on your other blog. I studied and practiced shamanism. Big hug to you.