Saturday, June 10, 2017


Thoughts in chaotic times.
Submitted to Poets United
Poetry Pantry #357
June 11, 2017

Weathered barns in distant places
Sun-kissed fields and open spaces
Tidy gardens weeded and hoed
Little white chapel by the road
Remembered faces, smiling and kind
Childhood lessons come to mind

Now, jet flights and concrete jungles
Internet and traffic tangles
Cacophony of sounds assault my ears
Terrorist threats to whet my fears
Drive-by shootings, prophets of doom
Everywhere, it seems, there’s gloom.

I wish we could bottle those carefree days
Of loving kindness and simple ways
And when we’re burdened and out of cope
We could open the bottle and sip some hope.



  1. This touched my heart immensely, Bev. You (and your poetry) are one vessel of sweet hope. Thank you for sharing with us your loving kindness.

  2. Believe. The day is coming. Your poem is a sip of it.

  3. Telling write Beverly - forever implanted, that hope still lives on in our heart and souls, as your piece proves... Kudos to you...

  4. I think the bottle is your poem. It gives me hope!

  5. Yes, "hope" comes from someplace else, can't be bottled to drink in comfort, perhaps it comes from the patterns and tiny stitches found in old quilts? You speak of numbered days, it is OK, it is as it has always been,(It isn't my plan, I take no responsibility for it.) we don't have all the answers today, but it's up to us to find them, just like "hope."

    Because someone dear to me, was taken by surprise, I have thought a great deal about it. How to keep death from sneeking up and taking us by surprise, I've come to the answer, it is up to us to make friends with death, and keep her close. (Know what she is up to.)

    I like to think of the sled in snow, we are on the downhill slope. Last days, make it count! WEEEEEE!!!

  6. We need that bottle of hope, for we are feeling rather parched these days. Loved this one, Beverly.

  7. A delightful poem! Enjoyed it.

  8. Here's to You Beverly Crawford, klink our glasses.

  9. This is so incredibly evocative, I too wish that we could go back to simpler times.

  10. I really like the thought of bottling up carefree days, kindness and simple ways. A splendid poem!

  11. Indeed! But did you notice, you just did it, opening the bottle marked Memories and sharing the contents with us all.

  12. I feel the same way. I wish we could go back to those carefree days again...somehow I think we really never thought they would end! Sigh.

  13. As we get older we hope that things will get better but in fact those olden days of hard work and struggling with little resources were far happier than the fear created now and the waste and the abuse of the planet for short term profit.

  14. Nicely said.. and yes I think we all yearn for simpler times and peace above all.

  15. 'Everywhere, it seems, there’s gloom.' A truth we can't overlook yet I feel through internet waves we send bottles of hope to the needy ones. Very nice thought Bev.

    1. Hope is a priceless commodity, but can be found if it is diligently sought.


  16. A lovely emotive extended metaphor. Oh how I wish we could bottle those carefree days, too. Smiles.

  17. Oh for those days - a beautiful poem Bev

  18. Love that ending line. It actually looks forward to better days.

  19. Ah yes the nostalgia of 'the good old days' serves to help us appreciate, time evolution and stir gratefullness in our hearts. luv this poem

    much love