Thursday, June 29, 2017


Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif
where we're asked to write of
War and Peace.
June 28, 2017


In the 1700’s
it was the Revolutionary War, and we
fought for freedom from the English.
…and young men went to war and died.

In the 1800’s
We went to war with ourselves and the
North fought the South
…and young men went to war and died.

In the 1900’s
We went to war with Germany and the madman
who planned to conquer all of Europe, and the
Japanese, who destroyed half our navy at
Pearl Harbor
…and young men went to war and  died.

Today, the Germans, the Japanese, and the
English are our friends and allies.
Does anyone see the irony in that?
Why do men make war?   Could we just
make peace?


  1. Its the old adage - history repeats itself and those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. I pray each day for this not to be so and as you write - that we can just make peace.

  2. With peace, one must trust that which is different and unfamiliar, and therefore frightening. War supposedly destroys what is feared, but also destroys multitudes of our own. And I hate to say this, but often, to the powers that be, war is good for business. Humanity has created a very strange paradox for everyone. I believe there are those who fear peace far more than war because it means learning acceptance and forgiveness, as well as a certain level of humility.


  3. War is absolutely pointless. In WW2 they were carving up the spoils and doing deals before the war was even over.They are just games played by power brokers moving cannon fodder around on a chess board.

  4. If they saw the irony, would it matter enough to them? Good thinking, Bev.

  5. It should be easier to make peace than war - were we an evolved species. Sigh.

  6. War is needed because the guns must be sold. So there's no question of peace. History says to test the power of atomic bombs Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen, just as guinea pigs are in the lab. Peace will only come when the humans ate blotted out from the face of this earth. Sad, very sad.

  7. Indeed - a philosophical and wise poem

  8. Exactly well written too many young men lose their lives too many mothers cry
    in times of war.

  9. wonderful history lesson here, beverly. i can't help but feel that as humans we should have progressed past war...perhaps to conferences and debates where no blood is shed?

  10. A most philosophical write, Beverly!