Thursday, June 15, 2017


My mother had sayings that applied to
everyday life.   This poem includes some
of those sayings I remember from my
Submitted to dVerse Open Link #198
June 15, 2017

Mama says “Stupid is as stupid does”
My Mama said a lot.
She always had a saying
For every bad habit I’d got.

When I made a pouty face
When I didn’t get my way
“Your face is sure to freeze like that”
I’d hear my Mama say.

When I forgot to change my clothes
And keep all nice and neat
I was sure to hear my Mama say
“Remember, soap is cheap”.

When I was feeling lazy
Pretending the work was done.
There she was, and Mama’d say
“Hard work never hurt anyone!”

The years have passed so quickly
Before my very eyes
And it’s only now I’ve come to know
That Mama was so wise.



  1. I miss my Mama something awful. We don't usually realize that our mom is our greatest treasure until she's going on or gone.

  2. We celebrate and honour them when we pass on their humour, wisdom and love. XXXXX

  3. Clever work - pulling in the way your mother's words will always ring in your ears, and the way you incorporate them throughout your life. Well done!

  4. Love those sayings... and how you can still hear your mother saying it...

  5. You remind me of my mom.. she's exactly like this!!

  6. When we start repeating those sayings...hope it's wise!

  7. Wise words Bev ~ As I get older, mom's words are definitely good to follow ~

  8. How true, faces really do freeze like that! I wrote my mom a poem for mother's day using one of her sayings as a starting off point. She said "I liked that odd little poem, it was quirky, just like you." I thought it would be touching, she found it odd, haha! Mommas tell it like it is.

  9. You've done such a great job putting Mama's wisdom together into this poem. Love it.

  10. It was my grandmother who had all the sayings tucked up her sleeve. I recognise some of them in your poem, Bev, and love the way you've conveyed the wisdom of what we thought were dumb sayings when we were younger - it takes years o appreciate them, but I wouldn't use them myself!

  11. Ah, that's such a sweetly rendered piece.

  12. Wise people generally find a saying to back up what they know very well from experience. Lovely tribute :)

  13. I've heard everyone of these....LOL! Universal mother wisdom. Unfortunately, my mother is mental....not through age, dementia, but because of pathological narcissism. I had to pull away from her because she was destructive....emotionally sadistic. But still, there were times that she spouted the universal mother wisdom. I love that your mother was a good one.

    1. I have a dear friend whose husband was a pathological narcissist. He made her life a living hell. Fortunately she outlived him. My sympathy for the scars you no doubt carry. God bless!

  14. The true test is when you hear yourself saying them...! Enjoyable!

  15. Odd that back in the day, such sayings wee made into samplers & knitted homilies. Lovely piece though, reminding out of us of similar feelings & recall.

  16. Love it when my daughter says something that echos what I've said. Karma!!

  17. And it’s only now I’ve come to know
    That Mama was so wise.

    Very true Beverly! The realization helps one to continue the tradition with the younger set!


  18. Homey to both ears and hearts. :)