Monday, June 26, 2017


Many of us are enjoying summer activities and
festivities, but my heart is in Ohio with the parents
of Otto Warmbier.
Submitted to dVerse Haibun/Haiku #50
June 25, 2017

Otto Warmbier came home last week.  He was detained in
North Korea for a year and a half for the supposed infraction
of taking a political poster, for which he was sentenced to
15 years hard labor.  No one knows what torture he endured
during this time under the harsh and cruel regime of this country. 
Suffice to say when he was returned to the U.S. his body was
but a shell of the robust athletic body it had been, and he was,
for all intents and purposes, brain dead.   He died shortly after
his return home.  Two short years ago he was graduating high
school, second in his class,  a handsome, popular and adventurous
young man with plans for an exciting summer trip to North Korea
before entering the University of Virginia in the fall.  Now another
summer, and he lies beneath the prairie sod of Ohio, his ready
laughter and bright voice forever stilled.   What a tragedy.

Summer excitement
Sunshine and travel abroad
Tragedy ensues


  1. A true tragedy... such terror, and so needless.

  2. yes, a tragedy for sure. so very sad.

  3. N. Korea is a cancer that needs to be excised one of these days. It does not cheer me up that their first declared target for a nuclear strike is Seattle.

  4. I can't bear it when a young person dies. Poor innocent boy.

  5. I read about it and felt so sad for the family ~ A tragedy ~

  6. ...and so summers turn cloudy forever for one family

  7. Very tragic. I wonder why did he have to go to that country for studies.

  8. Such a tragic end of a lively soul! It’s such a sorry state of humanity that we treat other humans with such cruelty. My heart goes out for his parents who had to go through this inhumane act!

  9. Such a poignant write. And so sad and so barbaric. Your haiku is spectacular.

  10. tragedies like this tear at my soul, young lives cut down before they can even feel sunlight, thank you for sharing his story, no one should just be a number, everyone's story is important.

  11. Thank you for writing this and for your compassion for others.

  12. This was indeed an appalling story...too many stories like this, I'm afraid. Well done.