Saturday, October 7, 2017


A comment on modern life.
Submitted to Poets United
Poetry Pantry #374
October 8, 2017

We spend much of our modern lifetime
In pursuit of a thing we call class
And status is oh, so important
If society’s test we’re to pass.

We’re hung up on designer labels
That are stitched to the back of our jeans
We think it’s of utmost importance
To appear to be people of means.

We all want to be “beautiful people”
Who belong to some private group
Rub elbows with “movers and shakers”
And move in the “inner loop”.

How I love it when on occasion
I escape from the frantic fray
And return to the home of my childhood
Where they still live the simple way.

For the most part they’re hard-working people
With neither tennis court nor pool
They don’t spend much time on status
Just honor the Golden Rule

They could care less about a label
Or fashion’s twist or turn
But, if a neighbor needs help, they help him
And ask not for pay in return

They always take time to say “howdy”
And to smile at each person they pass
They’re kind and they’re warm and they’re caring
And they have what I’d say is REAL class.

Photo my original digital art.


  1. Real class definitely is not about designer labels and tennis courts and pools. You are right - it is about kindness and warmth and caring. Simple ways are oftentimes the best. And one realizes this when one returns to one's roots.

  2. Neighborliness is the lubricant that keeps any society running smoothly.

  3. Bravo! Both for the poem and the sentiment.

  4. Yes... the real class is not in the labels and gloss... I just hope I could be better at that.

  5. I think this is a lovely comment on society.

  6. I SO agree, Beverly. I so admire those "simple" values, of decency, helping a neighbor, kindness.

  7. I absolutely agree!❤️ I wish more and more people would understand this. Beautifully written.

  8. Yes, unfortunately so many think happiness is found in the illusion of wealth and class. You write the truth so well.

  9. Class act. So much more than that. Yes, but I like some designer clothes only because they tend to fit better.

    1. I do too, Colleen, but don't feel the need to wear them to be somebody! lol

  10. OMG Bev, this was so wise and true. I wish I had written this. the flow, the rhyming scheme, everything about it was so wonderful. thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Blessed day!

  11. They labeled me a dreamer with my head in the clouds. So be it! What is "class" really? A thought provoking poem that screams about the trends of society.

  12. Loved this. The sentiment is 'bang-on' and, of course, your talent for rhyming well is in a league of its own. I enjoyed reading this piece.

  13. It's a bit sickening... and sad, isn't it? I wonder how much happier we would feel as a society, how much better the world would be as a whole, if we started by being classy from the inside out and really meaning it.

    1. If only we all could just be humble and kind!

  14. Awesome... as it should be. Very nice piece.

  15. "And they have what I’d say is REAL class" Spot on Brilliant poem

  16. Oh absolutely... living is more important than standard of living...

  17. Completely agree with me. Class has got redefined the wrong way now

  18. Yes, true...although it is all terribly tempting when one is young and foolish.

  19. A light shines through the warmth in this poem Beverly.

    much love...