Monday, October 9, 2017


De has chosen HOPE for this week’s
quadrille, much needed for her city
of Las Vegas.  As usual this is to be
44 words, excluding the title.
Submitted to dVerse
October 9,  2017

When evil rears its ugly head
And seems to fill our souls with dread
We reach within for ways to cope
And tap our inner store of hope    
With faith we manage to soldier on
After darkest night, there’s always dawn. 
Hope springs eternal.



  1. Thanks for reminding us that dawn brings new hope daily!

  2. YES. How lilting, and lovely. And true.

  3. Rhyme & meter reflecting what is eternally true; it's like comfort food, Bev.

  4. Nice sound and hope keeps returning.

  5. Good one Bev. This looks like one we should frame and hang on the wall.

  6. This is a very uplifting poem and I enjoyed the rhyme scheme,

  7. Yes, I see this as a framed sampler, hanging in a corner by the book shelf; sweet.

  8. Love the middle line.


  9. I like the way your Quadrille shifts from the dark of
    'When evil rears its ugly head
    And seems to fill our souls with dread'
    '... there’s always dawn'
    and a glimmer of light on the horizon.
    Nicely done, Bev.

  10. Such positivity in these words and may hope always be eternally guiding us.

  11. I love the chant... so encouraging.

  12. Wonderfully written and positive through the evil that befalls us. Isn't it sad though, that sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring out the good in some? But, perhaps then they are reminded of the good and it stays with them.
    There is always a dawn....exactly. Even when there is a foggy or clouded over day, we KNOW the sun is still dawning, it is just obscured for a while by something that is temporary and will, definitely will lift.

  13. Very optimistic. I wish it could be true for everyone.

  14. I like that this feels like a defiant mantra. Reminds me of an overmatched boxer who keeps getting up despite his cornerman telling him to stay down.

    I guess we all have to keep getting up.

  15. A wonderful rhythm to this and the last line is a precious message for us all. Hope is always available. What we do from there is up to us.

  16. you have so nicely managed to put across the feeling behind"hope "in such few words. A very nice read indeed.