Sunday, October 15, 2017


For the Poetry Pantry #375, wherein
 I dream fake news  (sigh).
Submitted to Poets United
October 14, 2017

I had a wonderful dream
Oh!  What a trip it was
All the world’s cares fell away
In that land of just because

As I swung from the brightest star
I was young, and free and wise
I danced on the Milky Way
And frolicked through the skies

I sipped from the Big Dipper
And took a hike on the moon
The skies were filled with music
And it was always a happy tune

It was as I prayed the world to be
Hate, hunger and disease had vanished
It was bitter cold on Outer Mongolia
Where Trump and Kim Jong Un were banished

Where they can continue to swagger and threaten
But they’ll get their justly dues
Oh how I wish this tale were true
But Alas!  It’s just fake news.



  1. It is amazing how people consume fake news without bothering to validate all the information being streamed to them.

  2. It's a lovely dream Bev, oh that it was true.

  3. I also wish your dream was true!

  4. If only it were true! Loved your dreamy dream

  5. This made me smile....the thought of the two of them banished. But sad for the Mongolians. LOL. It is ludicrous watching ehat is going on, at our age, is it not? Hardly believable. But sadly, happening.

  6. I could see them trying to knock some senescence into each other.

  7. Lovely dream Bev - but I pity the folks in Mongolia! (Life there is hard to bear already!)
    Anna :o]

  8. Indeed this kind of 'fake news' makes me wish it were true. Oh for a world without all of the haters!

  9. We all wish this dream would be our reality.

  10. Love it! Love it! Love it! Very clever.

  11. Love it that would be a fantastic happy world. Hilarious and sad at the same time that it was fake news

  12. The fake news of this poem made me smile with hope. The fake news that comes from foxy networks only fills me with dread and despair.