Wednesday, October 18, 2017


As we grow older, we tend to review our
life's journey.  I'm submitting a bit of prose
that reflects my thoughts on the subject.
Submitted to Open Link #206 at dVerse
October 19, 2017

Funny, it’s not the grand material things that bring lasting pleasure,
but the small things that validate us.   When we’re gone,  it’s not
likely we’ll be remembered for the material things we’ve accrued
in this life,  but for the small kindnesses we’ve extended that linger
in the memory of those whose lives we touched along the way.   It
brings such a rush of pleasure to know, even with all the stumbles
and less than glorious moments during my life journey,  I have left
some fond and positive memories with others.  Nothing pleases me
more than to be with my children and hear them speak fondly of
things I did or said in their childhood;  to hear an ex-employee say
“If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today” or “You were
 a good boss” (never mind that their secret nickname for me was
“Old Ironpants”!).  Recently, a long-time dear friend showed me a
note I’d written her long ago during a difficult time.  She'd kept it all
these years.  I was incredibly touched.  I guess you could say my
greatest pleasure is simply knowing that I mattered.



  1. Lovely sentiments...but 'old iron pants' had me guffawing...sorry ;)

    1. Me too, actually! It was long after my retirement at a lovely lunch with past employees that they shared with me that nick-name they had for me.

  2. Oh gosh you made me cry with this one.. so touching.. so beautifully deep.. especially; "When we’re gone, it’s not
    likely we’ll be remembered for the material things we’ve accrued
    in this life, but for the small kindnesses we’ve extended that linger in the memory of those whose lives we touched along the way."

  3. Beautifully said Beverly, those things we do because they feel right are the ones that can make a lasting impression and a big difference to someone - sometimes even without realising at the time how helpful our simple gesture was

  4. So true about the small things, Bev, and the fond memories. I still have notes and letters from people and it cheers me to read that others do too. You definitely matter!

  5. I think we could do so much more with those little things... a compliment here, a comment there... seeds that make the grow into a better place.

  6. Yes indeed Bev. that kindness goes way farther than one would think. So many people have written to me telling me of small kindness my mother did for them. It was rather overwhelming. And I love "old Iron Pants". that is priceless

  7. Yes, so much you will never know, how people hold you dear, but never say. I used to say, I wanted, "She done the best she knowed how," on my grave. It would be true, I don't think anybody gets up in the morning, and says, "let's see how much I can mess this up." If truth be told, most people do the best they can. If you see their shortcomings, probably best not to mention.

  8. These intangible things are what matter most in life.

  9. How right you are, Beverly. We will be remembered for who we were and how we made others feel...plain and simple. I wasn't expecting the "old Iron Pants" comment though...funny!

  10. So much of the time we don't take opportunities to do just these kinds of things. Thanks for the reminder. The world could be a happier place and worthy people would receive accolades and flowers before they die instead of after., :-)

  11. I agree: we'll be remembered for "the small kindnesses" which is what all of us can do.

  12. This is beautiful. It reminds me of that Maya Angelou quote. "People will forget what you have done, but they will never forget the way you made them feel."

  13. It sounds as though you have already achieved your goal.

  14. I enjoyed this a lot. It just felt very true.
    MNL, cactus haiku

  15. In end all that matters is that we mattered to someone! Totally agree with you on that one. Also, I believe the memories we make and the experiences are what we should accure in our life. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us

  16. BRinGinG
    one smile
    One leaves as
    Love Dances
    SingS oN ALiVE Green..:)

  17. I love this, Bev. I also reflected on aging in my poem.

  18. Great start of my week with a dose of Ms Bev’s lesson of wisdom. Matters a lot!

  19. I have felt a lot of pressure to be on my top game around others, and this anxiety has likely caused me to mess up a lot and then be so down and hard on myself. I've been wondering though, people probably aren't going to remember things you say or even much what you did but more, how they felt when they were around you. It seems you have nourished warmth and peace and humor in others!