Monday, October 2, 2017


Haibun/Haiku Monday at dVerse, and
Victoria has chosen FROST as
our theme.
Submitted to dVerse
October 2, 2017

James Whitcomb Riley said it best … “When the frost
is on the ‘punkin’ and the fodder’s in the shock”.
Autumn is a kaleidoscope of  memories for me.
It was my mother’s favorite time of year, and she
loved to arrange a Fall display by the yard gate.
First she’d bring corn stalks from the field and
fashion them into a shock, then harvest her Indian
corn, pumpkins, and colorful gourds  to gather
about it.  A bale  of straw became a seat for the
scarecrow she fashioned from my father’s old
overalls.   If we were lucky, we had a few weeks
to enjoy the display before that first night when
the temperature plunged and we woke to
sun-sparkled frost crystals.  It was a magic time
of  harvest, hayrides, wiener roasts, apple barns,
burning leaves and the honking of geese overhead. 
In memory still, I breathe in the pure, crisp air of home.
Fodder in the shock
Jack Frost can’t be far behind
Winter’s harbinger


  1. What a great memory. It sounds fantastic.

  2. Wonderful memory and thanks to the time I spent in your time of the country, I can re-experience it.

  3. I did so enjoy this! Such a wonderful trip down the lane of your rich memories.

  4. I, too, miss my childhood memories of Fall & frost--for they have transformed into five car pile-ups on the freeway, getting stuck in my own driveway, crashing into a parked car on an icy hill, lying in my good clothes taking chains off & on, while nursing frostbite.

  5. I love those arrangements... and having something beyond a punkin sounds nice... for me I would add some light as well...

  6. Waking up to sun-sparkled frost crystals- so magical. Wonderful childhood memories. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Those frost crystals seemed to me to be a major change although it was all building up to it. I liked your description of your mother's preparation. Harvest time I remember as a busy time.

  8. You did a beautiful job, with this beautiful prompt! One of my favs.

  9. "Autumn is a kaleidoscope of  memories for me." What a beautiful account of touching memories. Love your haiku!

  10. I love learning old sayings that are new to me, Bev,and the James Whitcomb Riley one is a humdinger! I also love the idea of a fall display by the yard gate, also new to me, although I remember harvest festival displays in school when I was young. Wonderful sounds and smells in your haibun!

  11. What wonderful memories, Beverly! Some women in our rural neighborhood do the same...I admire other's displays ;)

  12. Fodder in the shock. Nice collection of words that roll right off the tongue.

  13. I had to learn the meaning of that expression: the stacking of corn stalks, in the fall. The Amish use it. Fun memories