Thursday, October 26, 2017


Victoria challenges us to write an erasure
poem or blackout poem,  by choosing words
from existing text and reconstructing them. 
My words are taken from Robert James Waller’s
essay “Slow Waltz for Georgia Ann”, which
appeared in his book "Old Songs in a New Cafe".
Submitted to dVerse Meeting the Bar
October 26, 2017

Looking past the somber faces of paramedics
I saw your tears.  I have trusted the years
But it was the loss of you I feared
I am haunted by the feeling
We might not meet again
We have come here by different ways
Once the dust of your carriage
Was of more value than my life
Now you’ve taught me caring and softness
My task was to teach you about dreams
In another time you might recognize me
And for a strange and flickering moment
Remember ….



  1. So very tight & cohesive--thoughts & message fully intact--way to rock the prompt; sounds like a great book too. I watch too many movies & don't read enough.

  2. I like the offered possibility of remembering through dreams.

  3. I find this line intriguing: My task was to teach you about dreams~ Good one Bev !

  4. So enjoyed this, Bev, as I begin to invent backstories. I like those reads that leave me wondering and wanting to fill in the blanks, like this one does. Thanks for playing, Bev.

  5. I can't believe this is a blackout poem. I totally forgot about the prompt while reading.

  6. I enjoyed this. it was a poem on its own, a perfect example of how to execute this prompt

  7. I am not familiar with Robert James Waller but I like the titles of the essay and the book, as well as the words they gave you for your poem, Bev. I find these lines so touching:
    'In another time you might recognize me
    And for a strange and flickering moment
    Remember …'.

    1. He also wrote "The Bridges of Madison County", Kim. I have always admired his wordsmithing. Thanks for your kind comment.

  8. So very well done. I could not tell that this was blackout poetry... very good.

  9. Wow, Bev, profundity in moment of it!