Tuesday, October 24, 2017


It’s Tuesday Poetics, and Mish has
asked us to write a poem about
the masks we wear.   
Submitted to dVerse
October 22, 2017


I guard my heart with levity
I’m the queen of joke and smile
I’m adept at making light of things
And practiced with my guile

…but you don’t know me

I’ve studied my psychology
My demeanor is confident and smart
I’ve learned  to wear my studied mask
And hide my broken heart

…and you don’t know me

I’m waiting to find someone
Who sees beyond the façade
Who’ll help me learn to trust again
And renew my faith in God

… please, know me



  1. I figure I don't even know myself. A smile on another person's face especially when there is an underlying broken heart renews my faith in God that such a miracle can happen. Nice poem.

  2. Wow! I see this cry every day. Applause!

  3. Oh, that last line! "Know me" Isn't that what we all want? What a wonderful work!

  4. You wrote the story! Every essential piece of literature, I was told by someone smarter than me, tells the one story. The story of us all. "Know me."

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  6. I like the way you have used the refrain, Bev, and the change to the deeply-felt 'please, know me'.

  7. I know that feeling... but do we dare to show ourselves really? the repeated lines work so well

  8. Wonderful! What a great read. Aren’t most of us like that?

  9. The shift from the repeated "you don't know me" to "Please know me" is well done here. The meaning lies within those few words.

  10. You write about all of us at some time or another. Great poem.

  11. Such a sweet & sad tale--too true. At times in the past, once the actual person is revealed, and the mask and facade is dropped, the alcoholic tendencies, or the cruelty, or the stupidity, or the naivety becomes a turn off, a shut down. Life can be complex it seems.

  12. This is beautiful. We all want someone to honestly know us, but I think it's impossible, really.

  13. This resonates deeply. The lines of "you don't know me" to "please know me" really sum up how complicated life and human relations can be. As much as we want to be understood and our true identity revealed, sadly there are reasons for us not to.

  14. I so relate to that smiling facade, the assurance, that hides all the pain. My life story. It always seems odd to me that those closest to me likely "know" me the least. I think those who read my poems likely know me best. Loved this one, Bev.

  15. Love the meter in this rhyme- with an important message- Love it!