Sunday, October 29, 2017



Forgive me, but the political climate is
fodder I simply cannot resist, so here
is yet another rant for the Poetry Pantry #377.
Submitted to Poets United
October 20, 2017

We sat on our comfy couches
too lazy to get out and vote
and now our ship of state
has turned into a leaky boat
He’s running the country on Twitter
our embarrassment is replete
We’re kept on the edge of our seats
for his daily trick or tweet

He engages in rattling sabers
with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un
Their “can you top this” exchanges
have become a worrisome tune
Just when we think he’s topped himself
in providing political hell
be darned if he doesn’t undertake
a battle with the NFL

We watch “fake news” in amazement
as they present what reason defies
And he continues to stomp and swagger
and believe in his own lies
We’re left to attempt to sort it out
and wade through all the debris
and wish we had politicians
dedicated to representing you and me.

He’s promised to build a wall
and says it’ll be high and wide
If our fervent prayers are answered
He’ll be caught on the other side.


  1. I appreciate your sentiment & agree with the last verse! These are troubling times indeed. This next week will be a nail biter.

  2. "for his daily trick or tweet"

    you made me giggle
    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today

    much love...

  3. As an outside observer I have to say I'm surprised at how low politics can sink... Brings back the memory of dear Mr Berlusconi of Italy...

    1. Unfortunately, Bjorn, I think many outside observers are watching our national embarrassment in amazement (and concern).

  4. Oh I so agree. I live in constant disbelief that I am hearing what I am hearing since he was - unbelievably - elected.

    1. I've lived a LONG life through many presidents, and I never remember such a political rollercoaster as the one we seem to be riding now!

    2. I have to agree with much of what you say,


  5. Oh thanks for that ending as I needed a laugh....I think he cannot go any lower and then the next day I read of his disgusting behavior and words....I am not surprised by anything this low-some man does and that is so very sad my heart breaks as I rage against his inhumanity! Thanks for your rant!


  6. I wish more people would get out and vote let their voices be heard in this changing world of chaos.

  7. This is so clever and funny. I read it to my son (who happened to be visiting) and we both had a hearty laugh. Though, like all good political satire it carries a powerful call for change.

    1. How could we ever stand it all if we couldn't laugh about it on occasion? I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I didn't vote for this Cheeto Head--and I am all for impeaching him---I vacillate between laughing and crying--today was a laughing day--thank you!

  9. I would laugh like a maniac if the wasn't so serious. My goodness, that terrible man... The end is just perfect.

  10. You've dealt with serious matters in such a fun rhythmical way. I really enjoyed reading your poem.

  11. There are many categories of the politicos. He seems to belong to the horror genre. I like this rhythmic flow. So well put, Bev.

  12. It is just too much to process. Send him to the moon . He can build another ugly luxury hotel there.

  13. his daily trick or tweet" very clever I feel your frustration regarding this this...I am with you

  14. Such a powerfully written piece.. I wish people would voice their opinions..

  15. As the kids say nowadays, "Zero lies detected here."

    You are absolutely preaching to the choir. I share your sentiments and hope our democracy can survive this. Well written and deeply felt.