Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Midweek Motif at Poets United,
the requested theme to be “journey,
which occasions a bit of prose from me.
Submitted to Poets United
October 25, 2017

Having traveled the last several years of my working life,
there are journey tales to be told.   I fell in love with a pilot
for the friendly skies of United on a hot day in Cleveland
at the end of a tiring series of meetings.  For some reason,
the gate was not available, and we were required to walk
out onto the tarmac in 90 degree heat and climb the steps
to board our plane.  I huffed and puffed my way up the steps
lugging my heavy carry-on bag, only to be greeted at the
top of the steps by a stewardess who looked as fresh and
cool as I was miserable.   “Welcome” she smiled, “How
are we?”  “I don’t know about you”, I replied grumpily,
“but I am tired, I am fat, and I am grumpy”, whereupon
the handsome pilot stepped out of the cockpit, looked at me,
and said, “For a minute there, I thought my wife was
boarding”.   Bless his heart, that handsome devil, he made
my journey memorable.



  1. What a sweet, gorgeous tale of your journey. How a day can be turned around by a handsome pilot. Would work for me

  2. Haha. How sweet of the pilot! Lovely, Bev.

  3. A lovely tale, well recounted. It bought a smile to my face.

  4. What a beautiful anecdote that can be used so many times.

  5. Haha! Remind of the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Nice one, Beverly.

  6. Love this leg of a journey. Glad the pilot could make you smile.

  7. Lovely story! This made my heart sing.

  8. Beverly,
    A delightful story from the joys of travelling. I can find much in common with your experience..I used to fly so often and at first found it I try to do so only when a longer a joy! Eileen