Saturday, May 16, 2020


Sunday Muse #108 presents to us the
historic Aztec Theater in San Antonio.
A bit of research left me totally enchanted
and longing to visit.  My reverie of the
stories it might tell left me simply writing a
Submitted May 16, 2020
A toast to the Aztec!  Six stories tall, in its heyday the Aztec dominated the theater district of downtown San Antonio.  Built at the time the River Walk was being established, with its 2 ton chandelier in the lobby and the ornate pillars and Aztec and Mayan sculptures, surely its storied walls are home to the spirits of those who trod the corridors through the years.  Some say it’s cursed, driving the long succession of owners daft.  What stories might emanate from the famed Tequilla Bar, home of late night assignations.  One wonders if the spirit of Montezuma might wander the floors in the dead of night, passing the spirits of young revelers whose fondest memories feature secluded theater seats where romance flourished.  If only the walls could talk!  Here's to the Aztec.  Long may she grace the River Walk!  


  1. This is a nice tribute to the Aztec Theater. I too did a short background study reading from Wikipedia. I don't know how we missed knowing it, we probably passed by many times its Riverwalk shops and the "pub".
    My post is ALL fiction, per my note 2), "Everything in the words of this poem is Fiction goaded by my Muse."
    BTW, I noticed you have not posted with Mr. Linky yet?

  2. Cheers! Meet you at the Tequilla Bar! I think we could spend days talking.

  3. "One wonders if the spirit of Montezuma might wander the floors in the dead of night" - yes, indeed. Great image.

  4. Yes if only the walls could talk. Love this poetic and historical journey you have taken us on Beverly!

  5. A great tribute, Bev. We still need those old buildings.

  6. A delicious appetizer of stories!

  7. I can imagine it will surely be filled with ghosts!!! Love this :)

  8. If walls could talk, what stories would they tell. I had to google this theater as I didn't know much about it. Haunted perhaps.

  9. I'll lift a Coca Cola to that! :-)

  10. A lot of history and old ghosts in that building. Loved this.

  11. Thank you for your worded toast to such a beautiful place that has seen a city go through its ups and downs.

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