Sunday, September 6, 2020


Writers’ Pantry #36 and we approach the
change of seasons….spring in  the land “down under”
and autumn in northern climes …a nostalgic
time of year for me with happy memories.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
September 6, 2020

A hint of coolness in morning air and a bit of morning haze are precursors of my favorite time of year. The first crisp morning opens the attic of my mind and memories come tumbling out.  Childhood memories of hayrides, when a group of friends would be seated on a hayrack pulled by a tractor to a spot in the woods where a bonfire awaited, roasting wieners, making s’mores*, and sitting around the fire telling ghost stories.  Everywhere fall displays of pumpkins, gourds, chrysanthemums, and scarecrows welcomed harvest time and my rural world prepared for winter’s cold and snow.  Later memories are of my dear friends and travel companions…four housewives and mothers who enjoyed a girlfriend getaway every October for more than 30 years to one of God’s special places, the Great Smoky Mountains, where we shopped and shared life experiences and giggled like schoolgirls into our own autumn years.  Eighty-six autumns have come and gone, and now my autumns are more sedate.  I’m grateful for my memories, and a life well lived.
*S'mores.   Roast a marshmallow, place it on a graham cracker, top with a square of chocolate and top with a second graham cracker.  A bonfire dessert!


  1. You have some very lovely memories.

  2. There comes a time in life when memories sustain us. Gratitude is the appropriate response.

  3. And I am grateful that you share those memories with us. I'm smiling at the thought of good friends giggling in the mountains. That is a glorious mind-picture, especially these days...

    Also, now I'm craving marshmallows and chocolate *sigh*.

  4. Autumn is magic! Lovely memories & a wonderful seasonal view.

  5. Fall brings such sharp clarity. Get those nuts and gems stored!

  6. delightful memories.
    i think travelling with a few like-minded friends on a trip would be great fun.
    thanks for the notes on s'mores. it must be pretty delicious. :)

  7. Love your Beauty poem Indeed we are so blessed with all these gifts
    Great memories as well I learned in NZ about roasting marshmallows. When the kids were small we went camping and there were small fires on the beach We sat around the fire with even a member of parlement roasting the marshmallows. It was such fun. How special that you went on so many trips with your friends.

  8. I too thank you for the s'mores explanation. Have always been curious when Americans have mentioned this treat. Love your reminiscences; they sound almost like a fairy-tale.

  9. My favourite time of year too, Bev! I woke up to mist this chilly morning and am so looking forward to colourful leaves, pumpkins and chrysanthemums! And the smell of woodsmoke.

  10. Maybe this sounds weird, but I'm grateful for your memories, too. :) Thanks for sharing. I especially like the comparison of your mind being an attic from which memories tumble out.

  11. Oh that regular getaway with likeminded friends for 30 years- how awesome! And what beautiful memories you must be having of them!

  12. How good it is to recall the good times grateful that your life has been filled with such occasions.