Sunday, September 13, 2020


Writers' Pantry #37, and Megaly asks us to consider autumn.
I've many happy autumn memories and some that are rather 
sad and nostalgic, and this is one of those. Forgive the format.
 Blogger's "new and improved format"is confounding
 me at present.
 Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United 
September 14, 2020 
 I once knew a man with laughing eyes
Who caused my heart to dance
Who made me believe in love again
And, trusting, I took a chance.

I loved the man with laughing eyes
And, ah, love was so sweet
I believed no challenge could be so great
That together we could not meet.

Sometimes we loved by firelight
And sometimes we loved by day
Then one day the man with laughing eyes
Seemed to have gone away.

I said to the man with laughing eyes
“It seems you’ve built a wall
I’ve tried to scale it, but I cannot
It’s really much too tall.”

And so went the man with laughing eyes
Away from my life for good
I guess I knew it could never last
But oh, how I wished it would.

For a moment we had it, my laughing eyes
But alas it was just for a day
And quickly as snowflakes can disappear
Our bright tomorrows slipped away..


  1. Endings are such heartbreaking things, especially when they take away smiles that make us smile. I hope for bright tomorrows... again.

  2. It seems you and I have more in common that one might guess at first glance ..... I love this, you did well with the NEW horrible blogger.

  3. Great job on this! I loved the repetition of 'laughing eyes'. It reinforces the depth of the loss. Beautifully rhymed - as always.

  4. Can one trust a man with laughing eyes? It appears you cannot! Great poem that reads well.

  5. Just a moment in time. But well remembered.

  6. A sad ending but a well-written poem. :)

  7. Laughter – the greatest aphrodisiac! Especially when you laugh together. Sad to lose those laughing eyes, yet I suspect the memories are treasured.

  8. We never forget the love that slips away...

  9. "Our bright tomorrows slipped away" - a perfect ending to a melancholy poem.