Wednesday, September 16, 2020



I want to leave my footprints

Upon the sands of time

But how will those who come after

Know which set of prints are mine

I hope they’re the ones who stand steady

On issues that are right and just

Who yet take the time to dance gaily

Barefoot in prairie dust

The ones who speed bravely forward

To drink from life’s flowing cup

But pause in their forward motion

To help a fellow up

The ones who slow to walk with the aged

And toddle to walk with  youth

Who walk toward new horizons

With honesty and truth

If someone who comes after

Should choose to follow my way

May they walk with pride in the footprints

That I have left today.  


It's Weekly Scribblings #37 and we're asked to consider last messages or death poems,

termed Jisei in East Asia.

Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United

September 16, 2020


  1. These are fine aspirations, Beverly. May they be not final, but lasting words, to all who love you.

  2. Knowing that we've left some inspiration for others to walk a path filled with kindness and purpose is a wonderful thing.

  3. Talk about a tear-jerker ... my favorite line ... “who yet take the time to dance gaily barefoot in prairie dust” ~~~ I have done that and I imagine you might have too.

    1. And, no I have not succumbed to the New Blogger’s charms,

  4. Oh, lovely! I love that it actually says so much about your living!

  5. O Beverly, this is just what I needed to read tonight. It is so discreet yet covers so much. Just what we all want to have said but did not.

  6. This is sweet. It moves along as a song with hope and promise.

  7. I love the second stanza so much. I particularly enjoyed the balance conjured by the first two lines and the last two, together. I love that the wish for steadiness doesn't take away from the wish of creative living.

  8. What beautiful words, Bev!

    I love, "May they walk with pride in the footprints"

    That I have left today.