Sunday, September 27, 2020



 Sunday Muse #127, where we’re inspired 

by a charming photo of girl and cow.

Submitted to The Sunday Muse

September 27, 2020


There’s an admirable complacency about a cow

She seems to avoid worry, I don’t know how

On a hot summer’s day, she finds cool creek mud

And just stands in it while chewing her cud

When it’s milking time, she heads for the shed

She’s no written schedule, it’s all in her head

The life of a cow, to the best of my knowing

Is just giving milk and occasionally lowing.


  1. Oh Bev .... I was the girl who walked six cows (I named all of them) to and from pasture every day of my summers growing up. Across a creek, always fearful I would slip off one of the rocks. You brought it back.

  2. This is sweet, and the meter and rhyme fit perfectly.

  3. This is wonderful Beverly and the rhyme is perfection!

  4. This I like a lot, Beverly. The rhyme is great also.
    I think Riley was a cow. BUT THEN, there is the breeding and having a baby or two every year.

  5. Club Bovine sounds very restorative!

  6. A gentle celebration of routine and enjoying the day around interruptions, etc.