Saturday, September 26, 2020


In trolling my poetry archives, I came across this poem titled Yesterday and Tomorrow, which I wrote in about 1985 when I was leading the busy life of a lady executive.  How strange to read it now, and see how prophetic it really was. It's like my 51 year old self talking to my now 86 year old self! I have now reached the time to savour!

Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United, Writers' Pantry 39,  September 26, 2020


As I speed along the freeway

In the usual morning race

My thoughts turn back to other times

When life had a slower pace

When there was time for dreaming

And wriggling our toes in the mud

And close examination 

Of each leaf and flower and bud.

For listening to autumn breezes

As they rustled through fields of grain

And for smelling the wondrous fresh bouquet 

Of a late spring evening rain

For idling under a shade tree

When no one knew where I was

And studying the intricate mechanics

Of what makes bumblebees buzz.

For listening to trills of songbirds 

As they flit from tree to tree

While I looked for four-leaf clovers 

In grass like a great green sea.

It seems now my days are so busy

These pleasures are things of the past

I try to find time for dreaming

But life races by too fast

I think of the time when I’m older,

With time on my hands again.

How I’ll treasure those special moments

Much moreso than I did then.

For God in his infinite wisdom 

Has bestowed a very great favor

What in youth we take for granted

In old age we have time to savour.


  1. Wonderful! I love your conclusion in particular. Yes, we are blessed, who make it this far.

  2. Yes, in old age we do have time to savour; but it is still not quite enough!

    1. Thanks for noticing the spelling mistake on my post Bev.

  3. Your poem flows as effortlessly as memory

  4. Your poem touched a chord in me, Bev, and took me back to 1985, when I was a working single mum, also busy, longing to dream and wriggle my toes in the mud. It was another seven years before I left London for the North Norfolk coast, rural life and nature, and didn’t look back. There is so much wisdom in your final lines.

  5. Enjoyed reading your poem!
    Once a while i too dig out some old journals, have a good read (or a laugh). It's also a record of how our writing has evolved or changed.
    I echo Robin. There is not enough time to savour. :)

  6. Funny how we're like kids again! We got what we asked for in spades!

  7. Luv tge time travel of thoughts in this one
    Happy Sunday
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today, Bev


  8. Oh, this is breathtaking. It makes a virtue of stillness and attention more profound by its rediscovery.

  9. Even in your rushed days you contemplated serenity. Those of us who have years on us so appreciate the slower quieter times.

  10. Enjoy savoring each moment! LOL, it's a good reminder for me to give myself a little time off too.

  11. Nicely done. How cool that you have been writing poetry for so long; to go back and read it is like time-travel!

  12. A blessing to have dreams come true and the gift of poetry in your fingers.

  13. You know, Bev, I haven't read my early stuff in a long time. Your poem has inspired me to give it a go. Perhaps, I will get lucky and find some ink that hints towards the taste of my own age of savoring.

    1. I hope you do, Magaly. This was so strange to read my words of 35 years ago, remember how hectic my life was then, and see that I actually foresaw a time when there would be time again for those leisurely moments. Makes it seem all the sweeter now!

  14. Prophesy come true. I also remember those executive days and wonder how I had the stamina to do it. But do it we did!!! Thanks so much for the reminder and the reality of today and a bit of creative leisure.

  15. It's a miracle we is such a joy to leave the tread mill but now I am as busy as I ever was.

  16. A lovely poem, rings true of what is happening in our lives. We are so busy that we forget to enjoy the special moments in life. Beautifully penned.