Wednesday, September 23, 2020


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September 23, 2020


We Crawfords have moved to the burbs!  Just as the folks at Downton Abbey had their house staff, we here at Crawford Abbey have our electronic house staff.  Our electronic assistants, Echo and Alexa, assist us with turning lights on and off, setting morning alarm when necessary, handling grocery lists, reminding us to check oven when baking and washer or dryer when doing laundry, and provide entertaining music of our choice, among other light duties. Our Ring surveillance camera lets us know when someone is at the door, and captures their image.  We have added a valuable member to the household staff.  Roomba.  Roomba resides at her docking station behind a chair in the gathering room.  On command she leaves her dock and vacuums the entire house!  Mission completed, she returns to her docking station, empties herself, and recharges her batteries in preparation for her next mission.  We run an efficient household here at Crawford Abbey…Echo, Alexa, Ring, Roomba, my  son, his wife, and I.  A power outage would be the stuff of nightmares.  


  1. Oh this is priceless. Priceless. I need to invest in some of this 'stuff.'

  2. I visited the home of some friends of mine that was fully tricked out with Alexa interfaces in every room. It was fun to have Alexa whip out a playlist of 80's alt rock while I took a shower, but yeah, a power outage would be pretty bad. LOL, I still covet a roomba though!

  3. No way!!!! Just buy one of those EXTREMELY expensive emergency generators. That way, you not only get to keep your housekeepers, but you're technically adding to their number.

    Great write, Beverly!

  4. I love the tone of this piece. It reminds me of a story I read some time ago--can remember the title--where the narrator of a pamphlet was trying to sell a planet. Everything sounded fantastic... while the sun was out.

    P.S. I had no idea Roombas emptied themselves. I mean, I've never seen one in the flesh (um, plastic and wires), but that is an awesome feature.

    1. I don't believe every model has that function, but ours does. It's quite amazing how it finds its way from room to room In our house, it does part and then has to go to its dock, empty and recharge its batteries before it finishes.

  5. Sounds good for the most part, Beverly. My Daughter and SIL have a house like that. They have to rein the "Roomba" in as she gets into trouble when they are gone. I was hoping that "Roomba" was going to be a dog.
    I is this true? Congratulations if it is!!!!

  6. Oh thank you! I have been wondering what a home with all those highly contemporary 'mod cons' would be like. Sounds amazing. I have a human servant instead, who comes once a fortnight and does the heavier housework. I feel that I won't be likely to experience all the electronic staff – but then I recall all the things I once did without: computer, TV, mobile phone ... I can even recall a time before my parents had a wall phone. Anything's possible!

  7. You made me chuckle with this one, Bev! I struggled so much Alexa at my daughter’s house, she ended up calling my daughter and her husband one night when she failed to understand my command to turn off the lights but keep the corner lamp on.

  8. I too have human cleaners who come to clean the apartment once a month (seeing I don't make a great mess except in the study writing away!)

  9. power outages! Oh, these "Jetson" servants. I remember watching the cartoon as a child and thought it impossible. But we are almost there... no for flying cars!

  10. This is so clever, Bev. Love the comparisons to Downton.

  11. Hmm...not sure whether I think you're lucky or not. Where I live we now go months between *long* power outages, but blinks that destroy sensitive electronics occur daily. I've had Caller ID work for up to 5 days at a time--usually less--back when I bothered! Desktop computer works because it's not connected to anything but basic power supply. Cell phones get off-and-on signals, more off than on. And in my neighborhood we all *like* this.