Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Poetics Tuesday at dVerse.  Sarah wants
us to present ourselves via selfie or
description.  What an intimidating task
she’s set for us!  My "portrait" is for
Submitted to dVerse
September 8, 2020

I can tell you when I look in the mirror
this is what I see
 it’s that old lady who gets between
my bathroom mirror and me

Her eyelids sag and she has wrinkles
every which a-way
and what’s more to my amazement
her hair is really gray

I can’t seem to see around her
any which way I turn my head
when I go to brush my teeth
she shows me hers instead

I put some lipstick on her
even though the tube is mine
I give it up and fix her up
and tell her she looks fine.


  1. Yeah, I got this old guy hanging out in my bathroom, too, Beverly. Maybe they're related?

  2. This is such a light-hearted and beautiful write, Bev!💝

  3. Oh my, but isn’t that the damned truth — who is that in the mirror?

  4. Such a wonderful poem. Funny how those strangers get between us and the mirror :)

  5. This is great! It made me smile all the way through! Love it!

  6. Giggle, giggle. I do the same. This is priceless, Bev.

  7. This poem made me smile. I love your descriptions too, Beverly.

  8. This is brilliant! That old lady gets everywhere! Love love love it!

  9. This is wonderful, such a fun take on the prompt! It's kind of bewildering when age starts to catch us up I think. I saw my reflection in the full sun without make-up the other day and I just thought 'bloody hell, who's that?' But I wasn't brave enough to post that picture...

  10. Light-hearted and oh so true, Bev. I have one in my bathroom too!

  11. This is lovely, Beverly! Rhyming humour is so hard to do, but you pulled it off, self-deprecating and all :)

  12. There is that strange old man in my bathroom as well... wearing my bathrobe... preposterous

  13. Ah....wish you could see me now. I'm grinning....absolutely grinning. Love this! And oh yes....isn't that the truth? Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, I don't feel like the image I'm seeing!!! How can that be me???? LOVE your wit here!

  14. This was written with such wit, that it made me smile.