Tuesday, September 1, 2020


We're invited to explore erotica for Poetics Tuesday.
I'm reminded of a courtly old southern gentleman
who once explained it to me thusly, "Ah always say,
Miss Beverly, if the wit outweighs the vulgarity it's
a good story".  I pretty much agree.  For my offering,
 a pair of mildly bawdy limericks.
Submitted to dVerse
September 1, 2020

There once was a fellow quite charming
Who went by the name of Bruce
He was attracted to all the girls
But preferred the ones who were loose

There once was a lady named Sadie
Who was wondrously well endowed
Her friend was smartest in the class
But it was Sadie who drew a crowd


  1. They sound like a perfect match for each other..

    Bruce and Sadie what a perfect couple.

  2. Good times are what some prefer I guess. I enjoyed these bawdy poems Bev.

  3. This is absolutely lovely, Bev!❤️ Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 🥰

  4. Haha! That was so much fun, Beverly!

  5. Hahaha! This is so funny. I agree with Bjorn--they deserve each other.

  6. I wondered how you would handle this challenge ... humor is a good way to go. I am stymied as I have family who read my poems.

  7. I bet those two would be a lot of fun at parties. Nicely done!

  8. Lighthearted and lovely - made me smile.

  9. Love your great rhymes. I think we all knew both a Bruce and a Sadie!!

  10. I have been writing a romantic dreamy erotica in my fiction, which tends to pack in a lot of emotion. I really like to attempt a more bawdy or "slap & tickle" style sometimes just for some relief, especially in poetry. It's fun in comparison with the emotion that goes into some of my other work.

  11. Haha. Sadie drew a crowd. Great and humorous takes on the prompt, Bev.

  12. I remember Bruce and Sadie, I like the gentle humour too.

  13. You have to laugh, don't you? Even at the most sacred of institutions.