Saturday, August 29, 2020


The Sunday Muse #123, and our
photo of inspiration is the sunflower,
which holds nature's secret in the spiral
of its seeds.  The Golden Ratio is an
irrational number,   approximately 1.618,
which is prevalent in nature, art, architecture,
and design. (Other Names  for it are golden
mean, golden section, Phi (in mathematics),
divine section, golden number,  Fibonacci
Submitted to The Sunday Muse
August 29, 2020
and to Poets & Storytellers United
August 30, 2020

The sunflower stands tall and proud
So beautifully serene
It’s turns its face to the sunshine
And displays the golden mean

Its seeds hold nature’s secret
Within their spiraling chains
Fibonacci's series is hidden there
The hand of God remains


  1. Beautiful poetry Beverly, and I love your bits of fact and wisdom of the sunflower. Truly lovely!

  2. Oh my, so much information contained within beautiful rhyme. Happy weekend Bev.

  3. It is fascinating how phi can be discerned in odd places in nature. It's obviously the presence of a guiding hand of Providence present showing the way and we may not have even fully discovered what is hidden in the hints.Rightly so Bev!


  4. I love the reference to Fibonacci, and the hand of God seen in the sunflowers. I love how sunflowers turn their faces to the sub but, on grey days, they turn their faces to each other! Very cool.

  5. Love it, Beverly!! I have a math minor with assorted after Differential Equations. But I never ran into the Golden Equation or Phi, was it in the Advanced Algebra class I dropped or Organic Chemistry or a Physics class that I didn't take? I do know Fibonacci and have written Fibonacci Syllabled poetry, pretty in shape.
    Anyway I am glad to meet it and will soon know more.
    The second part below the sunflowers is beautiful, it touches my heart.

  6. I adore sunflowers they are full of light and shaped like the glorious sun. I recently went to a patch of sunflowers and I was
    simply awestruck by their beauty. I knew the season was quickly wilting away as their heads were heavy. Beautiful poem and a pleasure to read.

  7. Oh, this is lovely. Your descriptions gleam.

  8. Can never get enough of the Fibonacci series!

  9. I remember the first time I learned about the mathematics in nature and how it blew me away.

  10. Wow this reads like a prayer. How beautiful your words
    Thank you for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  11. I love that this sunflower can hold so much, mean so much, and still remain itself.

  12. Maybe the sun turns to the sunflower. So much food for birds. It also teaches us that things don't last. I always feel sad when the drop their heads like lamps with the light going out

  13. Sunflowers are show offs but always good to see.

  14. Beautiful! Sunflowers inspire so much poetry. :)

  15. Helianthus are such happy flowers, Bev, and also intelligent in the way they track the sun and keep Fibonacci's series hidden.

  16. Beautiful.. I love sunflowers. They are blooming petals of light.

  17. Yeah ..the natural world manifesting in fibonacci's series is so utterly fascinating.. can't get enough of it.

  18. Somewhere in the Psalms a question is posed: "Who can tell all his wonderful works?" I like that you noticed the work of God in sunflowers. Truly, that work is everywhere!