Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Grace asks us to take a photo of the
view outside our window, and to
write a poem about it.  Our back yard
ends at the tree break for a walking
trail which runs behind our house.
Once close enough to read the plaque
that sits on the windowsill, you cannot
see the window, but the view is of our
"bird buffet".
Submitted to dVerse  August 4, 2020

So much we could learn from our feathered friends
They come from different directions
They are of different color
They don't speak the same language
and yet they gather companionably at the feeder
enjoying the feast provided.
The exception, of course, is the occasional rabblerousing
bluejay or grackle 
They arrive with great bluster and disrupt the companionable setting
with raucous comment and irritating demeanor
These, I muse, must be the politicians of the avian world......


  1. Maybe that's why I like watching birds so much, the way they seamlessly get along except for the occasional outlier as you said. Nature has so many lessons for us, if only we took the time to pay attention. Wise poem and lovely view out your window, Beverly.

  2. This made me smile. I agree with Lucy and Jade, and I also enjoy observing the birds in my family's back yard. We, too, have a bird restaurant. :)

  3. Laughing here - We don't have grackles, but certainly the equivalent - and no shortage of politicians ready to spill the water and toss the seed while squawking loudly about 'national interest' and their own importance. Great photo too. Thank you.

  4. Yes, they must be. I so enjoyed this one Bev. Must be a delight to see all that calm and drama.

  5. We do have much to learn from our fine feathered friends. Lovely photo and musings to go along with it. Politicians of the avian world made me laugh!

  6. Birds outside the window are a wonderful gift of nature. They are so fun to watch. Well done!

  7. Your last line is the crowning glory :)

  8. Politicians or just the rowdy kids from up the road with new quad bikes :)

  9. That is why I am thankful for bird feeders – we get to watch a feathered performance every day – several times a day! I particularly love the ‘occasional rabblerousing
    bluejay or grakle
    They arrive with great bluster and disrupt the companionable setting
    with raucous comment and irritating demeanor’.

  10. Those blue jays can be bossy. A view that includes birds is always a good one.

  11. This is delightful, and what a clever analogy to politicians.

  12. Oh my gosh- we both wrote about birds! Wonderful Beverly.

  13. A creative piece that is at the same time both well-penned with descriptive finesse, and for the birds, the lovelies and the obnoxious. My "raucous comment and irritating demeanor" are the aptly-named mocking birds. Well done.

  14. Oh, those blue jays. We had a dove nest that was destroyed and I have to guess that's who did it. Plus, they scold me when I get near "their" suet feeder. Where do they think the food comes from!

  15. Hilarious!! Of course they would be the politiciansđŸ˜‚

  16. Ha! Outstanding piece. Really loved this, Bev :)