Saturday, August 8, 2020


Sunday Muse #120 wherein
we’re inspired by the photo provided.
Submitted to The Sunday Muse
August 8, 2020

She saw him there in the copse
tall and proud, arrogant and egotistic
Isn’t that just like him, she thought,
to think he holds the world in his antlers.

She had fallen for him once
when she was young and naïve
but now she could have any buck in the forest
and she was wise to his duplicitous ways.
He was always looking for a new, young face
and once he’d conquered them
he bounded off looking for newer and younger.

Now his reputation was tarnished, and
all the does regarded him with nothing but disdain.
Once he was a much desired young buck;
now he was just a ragged old has-been
with a pair of tattered antlers.

With a flick of her flash she was off and away
and he was left just where he deserved to be …


  1. I love the direction you took with your strong poem Beverly. I think many a gal has learned that lesson and many man has gone down that path to loneliness. Beautiful writing as always my friend. Always a pleasure to see you at the Muse.

  2. This is nice, a reminder of what we see quite often. I just today learned that a cousin of Mrs. Jim's formerly had ditched a husband like that. The forty plus years that I have been knowing her she was single.
    In my younger years I knew a fellow like yours here but different roles were played
    Maried, he also had three girl friends who knew of each other. I don't know what his wife knew.

  3. Ha, a fitting karma, in his case, to grow old. Smiles.

  4. "a pair of tattered antlers" - great.

  5. OMG, this is so fresh, so full of creative energy. Luv it
    Happy Sunday and thank you fir dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  6. "Hey,, hello?" Righteously hilarious. :)

  7. The eternal tension between a bird in hand and the two in the bush... Lessons learned and to be learned..

  8. I always like a story of sweet justice… Well done!