Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Sunday Muse

The Sunday Muse #122  where
the photograph encourages dreams
of faraway places..
Submitted August 23, 2020

In my dreams I follow my muse
to Mt. Olympus and meet with Zeus
on to Eldorado, where I’m told
the lake is full of buried gold

Perhaps I’d like to travel on
to the hanging gardens of Babylon
for a bit of mystery, I guess
I might make a visit to Loch Ness

Next it was Shangrila’s remote paradise
a visual treat for my wandering eyes
the knights, of course, I haven’t forgot 
in the magic land of Camelot

of course we went before we were through
to the mythical land of Xanadu
and we made the trip, my muse and I
under a butterscotch moon and a buttermilk sky

we found all the names, or so it seems... 
the names that were ships to carry my dreams.


  1. A wonderful journey in your dreams Beverly. Your muse takes you on quite the fascinating trip! I love the butterscotch moon. This was a delight to read. I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

  2. Love the idea of names being discovered as the places are. An interesting take on maps & wandering.

  3. And what's more delightful than vivid drams of magical places?

  4. I just love this, Beverly. In part because I like to travel but more so for the pure beauty of the write.
    Excellent too on the rhyme, perfect and it all fit so well. I am calling it a "List Poem", I hope that is alright.

  5. p.s. I have to go check on Xanadu, it is new to me.

  6. So many wonderful mythic lands. Yes, we must journey to them all!

  7. A beautiful journey for you and your muse!

  8. Wonderfully lyrical. I especially loved your four closing lines.

  9. It sounds like a marvelous adventure. This line is gorgeous

    under a butterscotch moon and a buttermilk sky

  10. What a journey of dreams... a feast for the eyes and a great adventure!

  11. Bev, this is one of the finest poems you have gifted us. Luscious words for me to chew on .....