Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Weekly Scribblings #33, and Magaly
asks us to include the phrase “swallow
screams for dinner”.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
August 19, 2020

Where did it all go wrong?  The
days filled with laughter and nights
filled with passion disappeared like
snowflakes falling on sun-warmed
earth.  His gaze, once mirroring hunger
for her, was now cold and distant.
She pretended all was well for the
sake of the children, but terror of
being discarded and alone with
three trusting babies and no income
left her sipping the bitter taste of
despair and swallowing screams for
dinner. Where did it all go wrong?


  1. My answer is that things just wore out. Numerous preventions may avail but the cure may not come. And I have no regrets that my ex left. Her second and third she also left but the fourth was a keeper. Note: I was the ideal Hub but we had been married all our lives, married young and lasted 13 years, but then she wished for new things.

  2. It is so painful when life didn't live up to the dream. Powerful poem

  3. That's sadly a very common story. I wish people were taught more about what makes a healthy relationship and what warning signs to watch out for.

  4. It didn't go wrong, he just found that babies came first for attention he just found out he was the provider!

  5. Endings are heartbreaking, especially where children are involved. And so many troubling decisions--like staying for the children--are made in the name of convenience and while trying not to hurt others. In the end, staying when not wanted tend to leave everyone screaming.

    Powerful and sad, Bev.

  6. How beautifully you incorporated the phrase into this sad tale. Love the enjambment too. Awesomely crafted, Bev.

  7. That is part of the human dilemma, Bev, we overanalyse everything, always wondering where it all went wrong. We all do it, punish ourselves with questions, when we should just remember the good times as we get on with our lives. Rommy's right - everyone should be taught more about what makes a healthy relationship.

  8. The expectation of happli ever after will prompt such a question. It is part of the relationship narrative

    Happy Friday Bev


  9. Emotional and riveting. Love the "ing"