Sunday, August 16, 2020


Submitted to Writer's Pantry #33
Poets & Storytellers United
August 16, 2020

So much we could learn from our feathered friends
They come from different directions
They are of different color
They don't speak the same language
and yet they gather companionably at the feeder
enjoying the feast provided.
The exception, of course, is the occasional rabblerousing
bluejay or grackle 
They arrive with great bluster and disrupt the companionable setting
with raucous comment and irritating demeanor
These, I muse, must be the politicians of the avian world......


  1. I just burst out laughing. I was just watching my feeling, there were a family of sparrows, two red-bellied woodpeckers, and a downy woodpecker eating together. All was well, until our local blue jay gangsters flew in and started puffing and biting. They must certainly be the "politicians of the avian world". Or, some other sort of organized trouble maker.

  2. This is a great one, Bev, and not only because I love birds!

  3. The bosses who throw their weight around and yes, the politicians who take the biggest bites and leave the crumbs for the rest.

  4. Oh, I was enjoying your details about the birds – and then that sneaky ending packed its slightly-delayed punch and made me splutter with surprised/delighted laughter. Very nicely done, Bev!

  5. LOL
    we are then characters riding the waves of infinity

    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  6. our poor urban birds have to fend for themselves looking for food. sometimes they enjoy the feast together, the mynahs, pigeons, sparrows and occasional crow. sometimes the crows like to boss around and chase some of the smaller birds away.
    enjoyed the read! :)

  7. They are adorable indeed with the exception of "raucous comment,"💝 I enjoyed this one immensely, Beverly!

  8. LOL, I laughed. But yes, I do love to hear the singing of all the different species living in my neighborhood.

  9. Yes this made me laugh. I don't know about poiticians but certainly bully boys trying to take over!

  10. Oh, a delightful tribute to our feathered friends. They add beauty and color to an otherwise dull gray world. I agree that grackles are bullies and I would add starlings and the occasional barn swallow.

    1. I didn't know barn swallows were of bully mentality! Must be because they lived in the barn in my childhood, and there were no bird feeders!!

  11. Love your comparison of jays to politicians!