Sunday, August 23, 2020


It’s Writers Pantry #34 where we choose
to share a poem or prose on a subject of our
choice.  I've chosen to introduce our
resident cats.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
August 23, 2020

Two cats allow us to live with them….an orange male named Destin, and a lady gray
named Tandy.   Destin, of course, is the alpha male, or so he deems himself to be.
He is no athlete, having fallen from the loft railing to the floor below with a mighty
thump, from whence he hid under the table in great embarrassment.   He is
shamelessly needy, and always on the prowl for a lap, any lap, where he will be
properly adored and stroked.

Tandy, on the other hand, is an independent lady. She likes to find exclusive
hideaways and disappear for hours at a time.  She does not require much attention,
but at such times she feels it  necessary she will announce her presence with a soft
meow.  She’s very fastidious, however, and at such time as the litter boxes need
attention she is known to have a more insistent meow and an intent stare that makes
her point,  Destin and Tandy have their own room under the stairs, which has a
special cat door for entrance to their private club.

My bedroom is in the hall beyond,  and I’m fond of telling people, for shock value,
that my bedroom is behind the cat house.  We live companionably here, grateful
that they allow us to share their home.


  1. I love this. I'm smiling at the idea of living behind a cat house, in my mind the house looks like a feline palace you can see from your bedroom window. I always enjoy seeing good housemates living well with each other.

  2. I just love that cat door! It was wonderful to read about your cats. :)

  3. Enthralling! I'm a sucker, of course, for any cat tale (and any cat) and thoroughly enjoyed making the acquaintance of these two. You brought them to life so well!

  4. Delightful. Cats have always bee such experts in taming human beings.

  5. Oh I so loved this They are quite some characters these cats I love your cats names Destin and Tandy and what a great private gateway they have

  6. An absorbing story Bev. Thanks for dropping by my blog


  7. Love the way you say they allow you to live with them!

  8. Delightful story!
    your cats certainly are unique, and lovable. :)

  9. I love what you tell people about your bedroom being behind the cat house. Hahaha!