Thursday, August 6, 2020


Open Link Night at dVerse.  This was
written some time ago, thoughts on a
long jet flight inspired by the sight
Submitted to dVerse
August 6, 2020

I flew on the great silver bird
high aloft in the sky
my importance merely illusion
reminded how small am I

Looking down on a crazy quilt landscape
spread richly to left and right
I pondered that all of life’s spectrum 
must lie there below in my sight

Somewhere hearts were happy
as they shared the miracle of birth
while other hearts were saddened
as a loved one passed from this earth

Some were amassing great riches
others were struggling just to survive
some were plotting suicide, 
others were rejoicing to be alive

Somewhere babies were crying
young folks falling in love
and farmers were tilling the soil
I viewed from my seat high above

I said to myself “Remember,
when you question the path you’ve trod
others are facing life’s challenge
you’re but one of the children of God. “ 


  1. Oh I LOVE this retrospective taken from high above! " crazy quilt landscape" it really is....when you look from the airplane's window. I'm reminded of seeing Bermuda's amazing blue waters from above.....of seeing the mountains of Colorado....the thousands of blinking lights when flying into a major city. It's truly a microcosm and when you begin to think of everything that's happening below you...the lives, the trials, the tribulations, the joys....yes. We are but a spec on this doubt about it! And then I imagine what the two astronauts must have felt as they were about to reenter the earht's atmosphere....seeing the entire earth from space!
    Mind boggling!
    Thanks for you can see, your post really resonated with me!

  2. Beautifully, beautifully penned.

  3. I love the perspective this flight gives you. And this line resonates, "high aloft in the sky
    my importance merely illusion"

  4. There is beauty and there is grounding in your poem written "on high."

  5. A much needed perspective in these times.

  6. Beautifully written Beverly and I love how your perspective remains grounded while flying high above the 'crazy quilt landscape'

  7. I really like this! Great perspective.

  8. I get the best poetic perspectives from up in a plane too.

  9. I wonder if my firstcfirst got in? Anyway, in case it did not, I was just noting the power in your poem: the intense contrasts, and the answer to the question regarding our place in the grand scheme of things.

  10. "first comment" - to correct my error in the above statement. I guess, I pressed "sign out" instead of "publish" the first time.

  11. A good way to look at life--recognizing that there are others around you all over the world. Perhaps the perspective of being above it all makes it more apparent how small we are in the scheme of things.