Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Mountain Memories

Prosery Monday at dVerse, when we're
asked to write no more than 144 words
to include a phrase given us by Merrill,
"when it is over said and done, it was a
time and there was never enough of it".
I turn to my memories.
Submitted to dVerse
August 18, 2020

We bonded as young housewives and mothers. When our children were small
we started a long weekend getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains.  It was our
time to unwind with long, lazy mornings on our deck over the babbling Little
Pigeon River, and afternoons of nosing through shops,  For more than 30 years
we honored the tradition, our friendship honed by life experiences, sharing
laughter, victories and sorrows, never once considering when it is over, said
and done.

It was a time, and there was never enough of it. Children grew and left home,
 our husbands passed on, and still we clung to our cherished tradition,  But
the moving finger writes, and now I alone remain, the memory of our happy
times and laughter stored in the library of my brain. Yes, it was a time,
and there was never enough of it.


  1. Bev, your use of the line of poetry is masterful. This tugged at my heartstrings.

  2. That's almost an apology for not carrying on traditions. To be the last one to know about it is so sad!

  3. Oh, wow, this is so heartfelt and heartbreaking. There never is enough time.

  4. I recall having read about this friendship before... it's so very moving of such friendship you share.

    1. I think I wrote of this friendship before when the lodge where we stayed all those years was destroyed in a raging fire.

  5. True friendships stay in our hearts forever.

  6. I see from the comments that this is true--and what a wonderful and special thing you had. We never have enough time, but what a time it was!

  7. What a fabulous use of the prompt phrase! I love this type of gathering of women outside the home. So often I tried to get them going with my friends.... sigh...

  8. Oh this is so touching. It is a blessing to have such relationship.

  9. I love this story of sisterhood, mutual love and care - a wonderful tradition to nurture, and what a place to unwind, Bev! How heart-warming and poignant to keep it going for thirty years, a friendship as long as or longer than a marriage, and be the last woman standing. You should release the happy times and laughter stored in the library of my brain and make a book of them.

  10. Wow. How very well done. It reminds me of a question I once heard, "What is the best hoped for outcome of any relationship?" Well done.