Thursday, August 13, 2020


It's Meet the Bar at dVerse, and Grace
has asked us to create a stream of
consciousness poem. It's surprising what
surfaces!  This was fun.
Submitted to dVerse
August 13, 2020

I wonder why I’m drawn to abandoned houses
and falling down old barns
and why it is my mind wanders to 
how life must have been 
who was the last person who lived there
and why did they leave
Am I an old soul, wandering aimlessly
in this generation, as if transported
by some mysterious time machine
taking with me the memories
of that time and place in the pages of time
what does it mean to be an old soul
and is there such a thing as reincarnation
Karma seems to make sense
when I wonder why bad things happen
to good people, and if they are
paying back big time for wrongs in some past life
 if we are to learn a lesson in each lifetime
 what am I to learn in this one.
have I learned it or will I have to
do this all again.


  1. We are always trying to make sense of things and of the past actions or events. Maybe there isn't any meaning at all. Nice flow!

  2. I think we learn from the past, but it all comes down to understanding the lesson.

  3. Good to learn from this life, and maybe from past lives if we can remember them. How comforting it is to be an old soul.

  4. Your stream of consciousness has many questions. Unfortunately, we may never know the answers. I tend to believe in karma and I do think some people have an older soul. I think I have one.

  5. I love what you have done with this one Beverly. I can identify with the nostalgia of old buildings and whether people will have to reap their consequences for their actions.
    Very nicely done.

  6. Wow! Your stream of consciousness took you into some deep contemplation. I loved it! <3

  7. Big questions, big thoughts here.

  8. This is something I think we all consider from time to time. What happened and why and what can we learn from it? The movement of thought from start to finish is natural and true.

  9. This is incredibly poignant, Bev! I love the depth and wisdom of this stream 💝💝

  10. Old barns, old covered bridges, old anything which I am ... I love your stream Bev.

  11. when I wonder why bad things happen
    to good people, and if they are
    paying back big time for wrongs in some past life

    There is a lot of sense in the above lines, Bev. There has to be a payback time and it can happen during one's lifetime. Karma has a hand in it, apparently!


  12. your poem resonates with my heart. i feel like such houses carry so much story. profound and well done!

  13. I love the thought of those abandoned houses.

  14. Why am I drawn to old barns and falling down houses? This is a great opening and one I relate to.