Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Field

It's Poetics at dVerse, and Grace has
challenged us to write of WHEAT,
which took me to a magic place.
Submitted to dVerse
August 25, 2020

I walked the wheat field at dusk, azure skies dimming into evening. 
Perhaps I wandered farther than I thought, but it seemed a mist settled
over the golden grain and I had entered a Brigadoon, a lilt of
song and laughter far away.  I turned to find the mist surrounded
what seemed an alternate universe, and my homeward path lay
beyond the mist.  Becalmed, the cares of my world a distant memory
I sat amidst this paradise and counted the stars as they appeared one
by one, and the harvest moon  rose high in the sky. I remember naught
til I awoke at dawn, rested and bemused, my path to home before me.
Walk among the nodding heads of ripened wheat, my friend.  You too
may encounter magic.


  1. Your writing is magical, Beverly. You sway us into a beautiful path barren with only the past and history left ahead. It’s beautifully layered with the evocative imagery of a starry night and late harvest. Stunning work, yet again. Your writing is powerful and picturesque.

  2. I agree, this is magical beyond words, Beverly! I can feel my nerves calming as I read this. Beautiful, beautiful write 💝💝

  3. Walk among the nodding heads
    of ripened wheat, my friend.
    You too may encounter magic.

    Certainly, Bev! It is such an enchanting scene
    Seeing the bending of wheat stalks in the winds


  4. Enchanting piece and full of magic.

  5. What a magical place this is Bev. Good for healing and calming our mind and spirit.

  6. This was fabulous Bev. The last lines were pure magic! ☺️💕

  7. A magical walk into an enchanted land! I love the harvest moon, imagining the harvest taking place under the moonlight in days gone by: beautiful.

  8. Your poem enchanted me, Bev, and I felt like I was there walking the wheat field with you. Dusk is a magical time, especially when it’s misty.

  9. A magical poem, Beverly. Lovely.

  10. ooooooooooh. i felt every word. heard every sound. you uprooted me from my cream apartment to the magic you weaved.

  11. Ohhhhh....you've taken me to serenity! Thank you!

  12. This sounds like a wonderful place to be... and all that scent.